Sunday, April 5, 2009

Anis' Small Surprise Birthday Celebration

Last night, dated April 4th my friends and I threw a small surprise party for Anis. We planned it very carefully so that Anis won't notice anything.

Roughly, it was my idea. In such a sudden, I asked about this plan and he said okay. I also asked Aleen's opinion about this matter and she liked our plan. So, that evening, we went to Carrefour to get some food and cake for the party. Before we went back to Vista. it was raining like hell. We we so shocked because it was hard to find a cab to go home, luckily there was one.

I bought the simple things to cook such as meatballs, fries and some salad, plus some drinks and nata de coco (Azery's favourite). As soon I reached home, I fried the balls and fries and also arranged the salad in a beautiful way.

At 10 pm, Jah and Wan arrived at our doorstep and we moved together to Anis' house which is just above my house. At first Jah called Anis saying that she had something to give to Anis. When Anis opened the door, SURPRISE!!

She was quite touch with us. Even though we got test on next Monday, we still got time to celebrate her birthday. Unfortunately, the girls from Vista B couldn't join us because of the time problem. There are all girls and it was quite dangerous to walk from Vista B to Vista C because nowadays got a lot of snatch thieves around this area.

Anis was shouting and screaming due to this surprise. Then we went inside and set up everything; arranging the food and cutleries on the mat. We even brought our own plates, cups and spoons, it's like we were on a indoor picnic.

After eating everything up (not everything, got some left over), it's now time for Blueberry Cake. Jah had been waiting for this moment since the beginning. Then, the birthday girl lighted up her own birthday candles by using the kitchen stove. After camwhoring session, we enjoyed our cake. Later, we gave Anis her birthday present.

We had a lot of fun together, which we definitely needed during our stress period due to unstoppable test every week. We learned about Combo thingy in the girls' house. What is Combo? I was thinking about food at first, but later it was revealed that it was a duty roster for them.

Thanks to all who joined the party; me, Helmy, Azery, Safwan, Ridhwan, Aleen, Bee, Jah, Wan, Nawal and the birthday girl herself, Anis. It was really fun..


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