Saturday, April 11, 2009

David Archuleta Live in KL

It was quite a fun and tiring day. My friends and I went to David Archuleta Live in KL which took place in Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre Hall. This lagha activity was joined by me, Helmy, Safwan, Ridhwan, Anis, Aleen, Nabila & Fariz. I know that we got test on Monday, but who cares? This was a lifetime chance to see the show..Justify Full

Sunway Pyramid

We had our lunch at Wendys and prayer here. We came early so that we could move straight away from Pyramid to Elephant Walk right after performing our prayer.

Elephant Walk --> Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre Hall

We entered through the Elephant Walk.... and it was quite a long way to reach the hall..

This show was supposed to start at 3.00 pm, but by the time we reached the hall at 2.30 pm, there were no more seats left (maybe there were some, but we could see no more space), so we just sat on the stairs. The hall was full with people who screamed, and shouted like crazy. They must be very excited to see their favourite idol, David Archuleta.

The show started at about 4.00 pm with DJ JJ and Ean from as the MCs for today. Before the show started, the DJs asked a few question to the audience and the lucky winner would get the goody bag, I think it contained David Archuleta's album. We also practising singing David's song when the DJs played David's song, Crush. Plus, there were also some crew walking around selling David's album plus free poster. I ended up buying the album, in fact it was my first English album in my whole life. Before this, I only bought Korean album.

The first performer was a Chinese guy, Hou Ren who came from Astro Talent Quest. I didn't know this guy at all but he's a singer. He danced quite well to. He sang a couple of Chinese song before Aliff Satar took the stage. Aliff performed 2 Malay songs which I also didn't know the songs. It was my first time hearing the songs. After Aliff, Daniel Lee from Malaysian Idol took his turn. He sang a couple of song including Mimpi (I know this one).

After quite a while, and the DJs asked several more questions, finally the time had come. David Archuleta entered the stage from behind in his red white shirt and jeans. The crowd screamed like hell this time, including us.

It's time for him to perform. Here's the series of songs which he sang during the showcase.

A Little Too Not Over You

Touch My Hands

Don't Let Go


A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton


We sang along with David during the show. Some of the fans also brought their banners. David must be proud of them. However, my friends and I just brought our notes since we got test on Monday.

David Archuleta on the stage

David Archuleta was awesome! He was great on stage. The singing also was terrific. He's perfect today. I was so lucky to be David's fan, since American Idol of course. The showcase was worth it, even though it started late. I should gave him standing ovation. What more can I say? He got voice, he got talent, he's energetic, he got the look, he's cute, he's lovable, he got everything.. He got nothing to lose. All his fans support him well..

It was raining during our way back. We sheltered ourselves under a parking machine roof. My David Archuleta's poster also was nearly wet. The guard there was also very nice, he always smile even though the place was quite crowded. After a while, when the rains nearly stop (it didn't stop at all), we went out near the road to find a cab (two cabs actually - one for girls, one for boys).

Back in Sunway Pyramid

We went back to Sunway Pyramid to perform our Asar prayer and also dinner at Bistro Delifrance. Luckily they served student meals which cost about RM9.90 (excluding taxes of course). It consisted of pasta/lasagna and root beer (refillable) and I added soup-of-the-day for just RM1.50. At the end, I became a garbage bin, finishing Aleen and Bee's unfinished food. Don't wanna waste food, it's devils' deed.

Then, we had a quick walk around the mall and shopping for some food at Jusco.

It was a really really tiring day.. Earlier this day, before we went to the showcase, I saw Ben with a girl and also Alex Leong who was having lunch.

P/s: Thanks Bella for the camera!
Thanks Aleen for the camera also! 2 camera are better than 1..
Thanks Helmy for temaning me the whole time during the process of getting the tickets!
Thanks Anis, Bee, Fariz, Wanji & Duwe for joining us.. U guys are the best!
Sorry to others who couldn't join us.. The tickets are not enough for all..


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