Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Badminton Tournament

Hi guys! Miss me? 

*bajet perasan, sape je yang baca blog ni kan....* 

Today I'm writing about a badminton tournament which I was involved last Saturday. Kejadah sangat join badminton tournament kan! Bersukan pun jarang2 sekali.
However, I joined the badminton tournament not as a contestant, but as a photographer instead. Komuniti Malaysia Glasgow (KMG) in conjunction with us had organised a tournament where anybody could joined this game, not only limited to Malaysians. This event was called

KMG-GlabNet Badminton Championship 2011

There were 14 teams; from Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Pakistan. It's a men's double event and this game was held at Badminton Academy, Scotstoun Leisure Centre.

We went there by train from Glasgow Central Low Level to Scotstounhill. Then we walked about 15 minutes to reach the academy. 

During the first round, each team played a 30-point game before they entered semi-final. We had booked 3 courts for today's matches. The organisers which were us were dressed in blue or pink Adidas t-shirts. Some of the organisers such as Abang Nukman, Abang Azrik, Wanli & Faiz also took part in the game. So the rest of us left to become empires, linesman, photographer, food distributors and point collectors.

The match started at 11 am and finished at around 4 pm. Lunch was sponsored by KMG which was fried fettuccine (Malay style) with fried egg and cucumber slices. It was yummy! Yela, Layang-layang Cafe masak kan sedap! =D

The champion was a pair from Pakistan, followed by Hong Kong team and the third place went to Abg Sharifuddin & Abg Ikram. Wahh, orang veteran memang hebat tau main badminton. Abg Nukman as the president of KMG gave a quick speech before proceeding with the award ceremony. The winner got medals and Yonex t-shirts while 2nd and 3rd place received medals.

Fuhhh, what a tiring day. It's really made me drowsy during the tournament maybe because I'm not so into sport. Huaaaaaa.... ZzZz~

Photo gallery:

Muka excited

National Badminton Academy, Scotstoun Leisure Centre
Memulakan tugas

Inside the academy

Opening speech about rules and regulation
Players #1

Players #2

Players #3
During the match
Participants & Organisers




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