Sunday, October 9, 2011

Panda Chinese Cuisine

Pada hari Ahad yang lalu, my housemates and I menerima jemputan Joe untuk buffet lunch die Panda. Panda? Apakah Panda itu? Panda atau nama penuhnya Panda Chinese Cuisine merupakan restoran buffet halal yang menghidangkan makanan cina yang amat berpatutan. Terletak di seberang River Clyde, kami menaiki subway ke Shields Road dan kemudian berjalan sebanyak 0.4 miles untuk sampai ke Springfield Quay.

Panda terletak di atas restoran India, Ashoka and berhampiran dengan Nando's. Panda menawarkan harga buffet yand sangat reasonable, for under £10, you can eat everything. However, drinks will be charged separately. We chose bottomless soft drink for about 70p per cup. Please make sure you show your student ID before taking your seat or you will be charged for normal price.

There are a wide variety of food but according to Joe, during dinner buffet there are more food served but the price is not as cheap as lunch buffet. From fried rice, noodles, black pepper beef, butter chicken, salads and dessert, you can eat until you bloat! However, please be aware that one of the dish is non-halal which is ribs. *it's written non-halal*


We spent at least 2 hours eating there before we headed to Joe's house which is located nearby. We lepak there for a while before returned back to the city.

It's really worthy eating buffet here. The food are good and it's a must to try everything.


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