Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dundee Trip

Hellooooooo~ Kembali lagi bersiaran di slot My Story of Life.. Today, I'm writing about my recent trip to Dundee which is located about 1 hour and 40 minutes from Glasgow (by bus). Our purpose was to visit our friends at Dundee. We had booked the bus tickets few days before the date of travel and it costs about £11.12 (after student discount).

The bus left Glasgow at 7.40 am and we reached Dundee Seagate Bus Station around 9.20 am. We waited for a while before Aimi and Sipot came to welcome us. Baru je last two week jumpa diorang masa open house hari tu. Then, the tour guides brought to to Dundee Law. We took bus no.22 and then walked up the hill because Dundee Law is a place where we could see the whole Dundee from above. It's kinda like a short hiking trip. 

The weather was good but not sunny. It rained occasionally but lightly. Above the hill, the temperature was much colder. We had to wear gloves because of it. The is a monument at Dundee Law. We took photos here and there and then Faranad arrived. Then, we had a short snack time. I've prepared egg mayo sandwiches while the Dundonians brought buns, tiramisu and hot tea. It's more like picnic and it was fun. It's very enjoying seeing people having a good time with friends.

I managed to use my new lens as well. It's a Nikkor AF-S 55-200mm which I bought from Ebay a few days ago. The results were fantastic. It's nice having a zoom lens because I could capture candid shots of my friends. Not much a stalker, but more to artsy stuffs. =)

Next, we climbed down the hill and went back to the city. We dropped by Discovery Point. Here lies a big ship which was said to be found at the north pole and was brought to Dundee as a visitor attraction. We bought a few souvenirs from the shop inside the Discovery Point. I bought several postcards, a couple of fridge magnets and a pin.

We headed outside to take photos with sea and river as our background. Few old men were seen fishing here. Plus, there's a yacht too..


Our next stop was Dundee Central Mosque. We performed our Dhuhr/Asr prayer here. There are few halal shops around the mosque.

Back at the city, it's time for lunch! They brought us to Taza, an Indian buffet restaurant. It was full at first but after waiting for a while the waiter arranged us a row of tables. The buffet price is £6+ excluding drinks. The food was OMG! Mostly were very delicious and I did try most of it. There were yellow rice, garlic naan, curry, korma, tandoori, pakora, fries, salads, ice creams, cakes, fruits and many others. We spent 2 hours here, eating until our stomachs said no. It's really worthy dine in here, I'll definitely go here again if I'll go to Dundee again. Plus, we still haven't finished our Dundee tour. Maybe next time.

Thanks to Aimi, Sipot and Faranad for your hospitality. Next time we'll sleep over your place ok. =)


just.HY said...

Wahhhhhh dah dpt dah lens baru! jeles ok....sob sob sob. sila improvekan cara penggunaannya. nnt nk g korea baru best!!! oppss...india k. ;p

by the way..nama baru Hyun Ki Joon

Unknown said...

eh pantas je ko komen.. baeklah ki joon... pasni aku x pggl ko john dah.. hihi..

just.HY said...

ki joon hnya valid until 20nov je tau. then later back to John. ;p

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