Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SNSD 'The Boys' Comeback

Wehuuuu.. Finally SNSD made their comeback last week! Their new albums comprised of 13 songs including The Boys, Mr. Taxi (Korean version) and others,

The Boys MV

So far, they have already promote 3 songs which are The Boys, Mr. Taxi and How Great is Your Love through Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo.

The Boys @Music Core

Mr. Taxi @Music Bank

How Great is Your Love @Music Core

Oh, I love all the songs! The Boys is quite a strong song and the best part is that Hyoyeon got more singing parts. The 9 princesses look very stunningly beautiful! Kaki kurus2 je semua...

The other 9 songs in the album are quite worthy to listen too. I already purchased the album via Ebay, I hopes it will arrive here safely.. with the posters and postcards! =D


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