Thursday, October 20, 2011

Photoshoot #1 | Glasgow Necropolis

My friends and I decided to make a short photoshoot trip to a very nearby place today. We went to Glasgow Necropolis which is located just 5-minute walk from our hall. Glasgow Necropolis is a cemetery area. Sounds spooky?

The view here is very nice since it is located up the hill just beside the Royal Infirmary. The cemetery area itself is very fascinating.

Here are the shots that I've captured during the trip.

Not so spooky eh? =)


Punk Chopsticks said...

OMG I love glasgow!!! I'm so amazing that you managed to go! And I absolutely love the pictures! sis you take up photography?

Unknown said...

errr, i study at Glasgow actually.. still new in photography.. =)

Anonymous said...

mcm mn edit gambar eh? atau mmg ori?

Unknown said...

edit pakai photoscape je.. skarang mcm dah takde mase nk pakai photoshop.. sbb time consuming.. =)

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