Monday, June 27, 2011

Pollok Country Park & West End Festival

Taman Negara Pollok. Yup, that's the place that I went a week ago with half of my friends. Reason? No other than to sightseeing the beauty of Scotland park. There's a huge amount of park around Glasgow which I haven't explore yet.

We (with Wanji & Duwe) boarded the 9.27 am train from Glasgow Central Station which is 15-min walk from my hall to Pollokwest station. The journey took about 10 minutes and the ticket price is £2.10 which sounds reasonable for a journey which pass trough 3 stations only. The weather wasn't very good that day with lightly rained and windy. It's very cold! The raindrops kept on attacking my face if I didn't use my umbrella.

"Pollok Country Park is a large country park located in Pollok , south Glasgow. Prior to the building of the M77 motorway it was the largest urban green space in Europe. In 2007 it was named the best park in Britain."

The park itself is very huge. Walking here didn't really make ourselves tired because of the cold weather. First, we walked along a farm which contains several highland cows. The cows are quite different from the normal cow. It has a very thick browny fur and longer horns. We spent a few minutes here capturing photos of the cow before Aleen and Bee arrived.

Then we continued our walk to the Pollok House. Pollok House is a 270-year-old mansion which has a very pretty classic design and architecture. The entrance fee into the house is £6. However, we were allowed to gain access into the shop for free. So we bought wool scarf at £9 here and also some pin badges. The Pollok Garden has a nice view as well. There's a lot of flora around here, arranged and designed in a pretty manner.

At the Old Stable Courtyard, nothing much could be seen here except there are several horses in the stable but we didn't have access to enter the stable to touch the horses. So I snapped some photos from outside the stable. Next to the courtyard, there's a sawmill but the door was locked. So we took photos from outside nearby the river.

We stopped for a quick lunch at the flower garden. We had cooked fried rice last night. There's a small hut here so we stayed here for a while. A large variety of flowers can be found here; colourful flowers, scented herbs and many more. There a glasshouse here as well. It was warm inside it to preserve the flowers in here. Then, there's a vegetable garden. I could recognise some ot the vegetables such as onions, salads and some fruit trees. This place is called Botanical Garden.

Our next destination was Burrell's Collection. This huge building contains a lot of artifacts, art collections and old stuffs and I have no idea who Burrell was. As I didn't adore museum very much, I captured a very few photos here.

We proceed our journey to the Pond via Riding School (sebenarnya sesat, salah jalan). What I could see inside the pond was a hundred of tadpoles. WTH? Where are the fishes??

Our final destination would be an old fort, which is a leftover of a so-called castle. However, there's nothing here except drains and trees. It was an imaginary castle only because the instruction asked us to imagine the place without trees and put the castle there.. What a waste of time..

Oh ya, there's a lot of dogs here. Some dogs were too kind to play around with us like WTH?? Though the owner said that the dogs were friendly and harmless but please understand and respect us okay! Muslims don't play with dogs! There were a few cases where dogs ran into us and we got gelabah and jerit2 because they nearly touched us!

However, the overall walk was great! We got the chance to view the beauty of the nature and we spent almost 6 hours here. Walking!

Back in the city centre, we had a quick meal at King's. We had margherita pizza and onion rings before we continued our activity at the West End. We were planning to go to the West End Festival at Kevingrove Park. We took subway from Buchanan Street to Kelvinbridge, dropped by Dawatul Islam, 31 Oakfield Avenue to perform prayers before we headed to the park.

Kelvingrove Park is quite big, however only few areas where filled with booths and exhibitions. Not so many people came to this festival because it was raining all day. The booths sells food, clothes and stuffs which I didn't even bother to buy. I felt that the timing wasn't right, so it was boring actually. The only thing I bought here was a Kulfi ice cream, a traditional East almond & pistachio flavoured ice cream.

Back in the city centre again, we had dinner at Chilli Thrill. I had Lamb Shish Kebab and Ben & Jerry's caramel ice cream. Yummy~

Fuhhh, it was a long day and very tiring actually. Walk by feet all day long.. But great trip! =)


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wow nice place...

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niceeee... :)

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