Monday, June 13, 2011

Glasgow Safe & Sound - Part 2

For the next two days, we were still having to settle down some university business such as briefing with library, registering with doctor and also course registration.

On Thursday, we headed to the library which is located just 5 minute from our hall but before that, we dropped by the university book store to look around. I found out that books here are quite expensive than in Malaysia. One book can cost about £25 like BNF and others.. Patutlah orang semua kirim buku kat kawan2 kat India, kat tempat lain mahal!

In the library, we were given a brief presentation about the library and its services. The staff even gave us crossword puzzles to do and the winner will win a £3 photocopy card and other most corrects winners got pens. The library is a five-storey building and all floor can only be accessed by stairs. The first floor is quite different because it has electronic shelves which can move when buttons are pressed. Quite impressive.

full time student

library building


electronic shelves

Done with library, we followed Rahimi to the Kebab restaurant located quite far from our hall but still in city centre. Most of the place can be reached by feet, so we must walk more after this. The restaurant name is Bistro Cafe if I'm not mistaken and they serves kebab, burgers and pizzas. Student get 15% discount for main menu. That's great! I had Lamb Shish same with Wanji but Duwe tried the Chicken Donnor. They were all real good! The lamb really satisfied my appetite.

at George Square

Lamb Shish

Next, we continued our activity by going to Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Here, we looked for Townhead Health Centre based on the direction given by the staff there. Glasgow people are all really friendly. They not just gave us the direction, they would even came along with us to show the way if they were free. But for today, the guy repeated several times to make sure we really get it. Thanks a lot ya! By the way, they loved helping us capturing photo as well. When they saw a group of people taking photo, they will offer their help without us asking. How nice... =)
Registrating with doctor really took a short time, we didn't really see the doctor but only required to fill some forms about our health condition.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Okay, done with all of university stuffs.. Now it's time for shopping! Rahimi brought us to city centre to shop since we still had a lot of things to buy especially clothes and food. You know how few clothes that we brought from Malaysia with 20kg luggage allowance. Very few okay! First, we went to H&M, Topman and we ended up purchasing a lot of stuffs from Primark. Primark is a clothes outlet which sell at a cheaper price. It's really worth it shopping from this store and the result from today shopping was 2 sweaters, few t-shirts, wallet and pants. Aside from shopping here, we also went to One Pound Shop such as Gift World and Poundland. Jimat skettt...

shopping sakan naaa...

Still tired walking on my feet, we continued our walk to Sham Gate which is located in Argyle Street to buy halal chicken. We bought a couple of whole chicken for our stock next week.

Sham Gate

We had dinner at Chicken Cottage. The food here is all halal, so it's not a problem eating here. More to fast food type, they serves fried chicken, grilled chicken, burgers, chips and others. Moreover, students get discounts as well. We had 1/2 mexican grilled chicken each and served with chips and Irn Bru energy drinks. The price is quite reasonable and affordable. £12.99 for four 1/2 grilled chicken and others. I bought Haagen Dasz ice cream as well since it's quite cheaper compared to Malaysia.

Chicken Cottage

1/2 chicken for each person... yummy~

Day two had passed.. I'll continue writing about the next day later. Enjoy reading ya! =)


tinta said...

Waah Iwa.... seronok baca kisah perjalanan yg telah bermula...

Unknown said...

hehe.. mmg seronok... mai la sini..

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