Thursday, June 2, 2011

From Melaka to Segamat

This might my last holiday with my family before I fly to Glasgow next week *ewahh, post aritu pun kata last holiday, ni ada lagi last rupanye*. Not to a further place, but nearby only.

Firstly, we went to Malacca to visit Atih's new bujang house at Duyong. Our main intention here was actually to melantak at the seafood food court at Alai. Since we left home at 5 pm, we arrived at Malacca just in time for dinner. There's a lot of hungry customers at the restaurant, and in my brain I kept thinking the the food gonna be yummy and scrumptious. You know how I love seafood so much!

After choosing ikan siakap and jenahak and shrimps and cuttlefish, we waited patiently while sucking the straw from our coconut drinks. When the food arrived, ate the seafood with the nasi lemak 60 cent which was provided in a basket. The seafood that we ordered were siakap tiga rasa, jenahak bakar bersambal, butter prawn and sotong goreng tepung.

The seafood was so-so only. Not too mouthwatering like the one in Umbai. Anyway, Umbai is the best!

After loading our stomach, we headed to my uncle's empty house at Duyong which is located just 500 metre from Atih's bachelor house. Dekat je..

Zzzzzzz... (-.-)

mimpi sana..

mimpi sini...

The next day, after lunch at a local asam pedas restaurant, we continued our journey to Segamat to Mak Induk and Pak Su and Siti's house leaving Atih's behind since he started working today. Habislah Arissa lepas ni takde orang teman tengok Upin Ipin lagi. Uncle Udin dah kerja...

There, we dropped by Jakel to buy some cloth for baju raya Arissa & Imani. We also surveyed baju melayu cloth for next year. Survey only ye, no buy buy.. Then, we bought cendol at a mamak's stall near the chinese school.

Finally, we reached Mak Induk's house few minutes later. Got excited because Mak Induk just installed a new wifi in the house. So ape lagi, on laptop terus online bukak fb, twitter bagai..

At the evening while enjoying myself watching tv at the living room, mak induk gave me a Sony paper bag. After opening it "OMG! A new Samsung Galaxy Tab". I was like .......... Thanks a lot Mak Induk & Pak Su! Aritu mintak main2 je, tetiba dapat terus! =D

I spent my night playing and exploring my new baby plus a bit multitasking by helping Mak Induk compounded chocolate at the kitchen. So, I learned how to compound chocolate from her, from double boiling the chocolate till the packaging. We made a few flavours; rice puffs, peanut butter, coffee and plain chocolate. Moreover, I learned to colour chocolate and paste image on chocolate. It's quite simple actually. Very simple.

So I slept happily that night after playing a few rounds of Angry Birds Rio. =)

bangun2 tidur sambung balut coklat.. =)


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