Thursday, June 16, 2011

Glasgow Safe & Sound - Part 3

We started our day by registering ourselves as a student of University of Strathclyde officially. The registration took place at McCance building which is just 5-minute walk from our hall. We had to queue up to submit our printed application form and captured photo for our student ID which was done on the spot. We spent less than an hour here and after that, went to sightseeing around the city again.

amek gambar depan cermin tingkap

my student card (muka tembam)

While waiting for Anis and Syifaa who went back to their hostel to change shoes, we filled our time camwhoring in front of the McCance Building. There's a flower garden at the hillside so we snapped here and there. The scenery are beautiful, there's a lot of blooming flower from white, yellow and purple. Quite fascinating though because in Malaysia, we can hardly see these types of flower.

We had lunch at Chicken Cottage with a couple of akak seniors. I ordered a different meal from yesterday. This time I had Mountain Chicken Burger meal which costs about £3.++... Luckily the senior brought a bottle of chilli sauce. It made our day better. =)

mountain burger

2 pcs chicken

survey periuk kat Argos

At noon, the girls went back to the university to attend a brief introduction by the accomodation staffs and lecturers while the boys went to SUMSA (Strathclyde University Muslim Student Association) for Friday prayer. We went back to the university after the prayer to meet our counsellor, Dr Iain Ostwald. It was very fortunate that three of us got the same counsellor which will act as our tutor here. However, we won't see him so much since he's not going to teach us because he is major in Physical Pharmacy which we had learned during our second year in IMU.

After having buffet snacks at Lord Todd's Bar, the boys followed Rahimi and Joe to the city centre again to buy cooking utensils. It's quite affordable £19.99 for a set of pans, pot, knives, cutlery, baking tray etc. Then we headed to Chung Ying, an Asian groceries store selling foodstuffs from Asia. Here, we bought vegetables, sauces, pastes and frozen shrimps. Thanks to Joe who belanja us a bottle of oyster sauce..

buffet snacks.. jadi vegetarian kejap..

Chung Ying

Before the night appeared, I followed the akak seniors who brought us to eat rice at Wok to Walk. It's really far away and I was like walking for 20 minutes to reach there. Sumpah penat gila! Then, in the restaurant, we could pick rice or noodles as our main base and added more side dishes and sauce according to our desire. I tried jasmine rice + beef fillet + shitake mushroom + teriyaki sauce. And Dr Pepper as my drink! First time I tried it, it was good though some people didn't like it. It's a cherry flavoured carbonated drink and they compared it with a cough syrup because of the similar taste. But for me, it's still sedap!

Wok to Walk

my choice

nearly night time

That's all for the day.. Gonna write again very soon.. Especially regarding MalaysianGlasgow Family Day which was so havoc and meriah!


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