Friday, June 10, 2011

Glasgow Safe & Sound - Part 1

Alhamdulillah, most grateful to Allah SWT for giving me and friends such a golden opportunities to step on this foreign land for the very first time to pursuit our study in MPharm degree in University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. After a long 12-hour flight from KLIA to London plus 5 hour transit at Heathrow plus 55-minute fight from London to Glasgow, we finally reached our university safe and sound. Our transit in Heathrow Airport, London was really exciting and worth it. This was because we got the chance to enter British Airways Lounge and enjoy the privilege there. We could use the wifi to update FB and twitter statuses, we could eat and drink for free while relaxed ourselves waiting for the next flight. To be safe, we ate the food that has vegetarian symbol on it like chips and cookies.

British Airways Lounge

In Glasgow, we were welcomed and greeted by the university staffs, Ms Carol and Ms Camelia and also some of our MQ batchmates who were on their summer break. The weather was cold, windy and rainy. It's colder when the wind hits our face. At the hostel, we settled down a bit and unpacked some of our stuffs. Here, they don't really call it hostel, they use hall instead. We're staying at James Blyth Court for one year and I hope my body can tolerate the weather well.

James Blyth Court

view from my room

Our seniors were also welcoming us by serving us lunch. Sedap pulak tu diorang masak! So nice.. Thanks seniors! =)

Since the other batchmates haven't arrived yet because their Emirates flight was delayed, I with Wanji and Duwe followed Rahimi to walked around the city centre for a quick walk and bought topup. After that, we headed back to the campus to attend a welcoming party and a short briefing by the staffs. We ate the vegetarian food served which was egg mayo sandwiches and fruits. I love the grapes; they are seedless, not too sweet and juicy.

walk around campus

welcoming party

After the briefing, the boys and girls reunited to have city tour with abang and kakak senior. We walked around the Glasgow city centre which are not too big like KL. Every place can be reached by foot. If in Malaysia, I'm sure that you'll die drowning in your own sweat! It's nice walking in a cold weather. We don't have to worry about sweating. So, the seniors brought us to several stores and show us a few of halal restaurants.

Then we reached the university muslim centre which is basically a musolla. In there, we met some of the Malaysians who lives in Glasgow for several year so they were offering their help in case we need anything. We introduced ourselves and get to know each other. We even got a goodie bag! Thanks akak! After the taaruf session, the abang2 brought us to ASDA which is a 24-hour hypremarket at a distance place. So they gave us a ride until we finished with our shopping. We did bought a lot since we brought only few things from Malaysia. Maklumlah, dapat luggage allowance 20kg je, mana cukup kan! Toiletries, kitchenware, bedding, food and personal stuffs, we grabbed all from the hypermarket. Million of thanks to them!

After stuffing our stuffs in the boot during the rain, we headed back to our hall. We had a quick dinner which was instant noodles and retired to bed to rest.


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