Sunday, July 3, 2011

Edinburgh Trip

This marked our first trip outside Glasgow. We chose Edinburgh because it is the capital city of Scotland and we were hoping to see the beauty of the city. Edinburgh is famous for its castle which is located uphill.

We took bus from Buchanan Street Bus Station and the journey consume about 1 hour and 20 minutes. The ticket price is £9.70 open return (we can return to Glasgow anytime we want). During the journey, I telephoned Lady Gaga.. Eh silap, I called my parents who were in Johor at that time. So I got chance to talk to nenek, uncle and aunties as well. When we reached Edinburgh Bus Station, Aleen called Zulaikha to arrange a meeting place.

Our first destination was Calton Hill which locates a few amounts of monuments and historical achitecture. We climbed the stairs, climb the monuments and took photos with the mascots there. Mascots ke??? We tooks photos around the National Monument as well as Nelson Monument. We met Zulaikha here, our friend-becoming-tourguide for today. Surprisingly, she brought food for us! =)

Then, we headed to Princes Park to have a picnic-style lunch. We passed through Information Counter, Princes Mall and also Scott Monument. The field at the park is quite big. We took a spot under a tree and place our mats before proceeding with lunch. The girls brought fried rice, the boys brought egg-mayo sandwiches and Zulaikha brought panini and mango cheese cake. Semua sedap!

After done with lunch, we proceed to National Gallery of Scotland to see a huge collection of art. However, it's quite boring and we left the place as soon as we got in. Plus, we weren't allowed to take photos inside the gallery. So, no point going in further more.

Edinburgh Castle was our next attraction. We climbed the hill and walked through a crowd to go to the castle. The entrance fee is £15 but none of us went inside the castle. We just took photos from the outside and at the red telephone booth there.

We dropped by kilt and tartans exhibition shop to observe the history and process of making kilt and tartans. There's a lot of things can be bought from here such as kilt, suits, scarfs, t-shirts and souvenirs but most of us didn't buy any since Zulaikha would bring us to a cheaper shops.

We spent a few minutes in Camera Obscura - World of Illusions. Here, they locates many teasing mirrors which reflects our weird bodies. The souvenirs sold here are quite unique and high quality such as 3D postcards and many more.

We managed to find MacKie's ice-cream shops. MacKie's is a traditional Scottish ice cream and has a lot of flavours such as honeycomb, butterscotch, mint, cherry etc. I bought a single waffle ice cream at £2.20. It's a must try if you go here..

It's raining quite heavily soon after we finished eating our ice creams. So we changed into raining coats attire with umbrella. We reached National Museum of Scotland few minutes later. This place is so big! There's a lot of floors to be explored but after I finished the ground floor, I sat on a bench and went to sleep for a while. I was so sleepy and it's unbearable.

Zulaikha brought us to the mosque to perform our prayers. After that, we went to several souvenir shops to buy some postcards, t-shirts, magnets and keychains. We spent quite a long time here because we all rambang mata in selecting the right souvenirs.

We toured around the city for sightseeing including re-visited Princes Park to capture more photos because the weather was better now. The sun shone brightly now.

Our last destination for today was University of Edinburgh. We took jumping photos here before we headed back to the mosque for prayer. Before that, we bought briyani rice from Kebab Mahal for our dinner later. It's true that's this shop sells a very nice nasi briyani specially lamb!

We took 11 pm bus back to Glasgow and the journey was very noisy and hectic. People in the bus sang loudly like they were drunk. OMG, we were feeling a bit insecure but alhamdulillah we managed to reach our hall safely.


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