Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter - It All Ends

Wuwuwuwuu *crying*.. Ok, itu tipu!

Looks like Harry Potter film saga has just ended with happy and sad ending. As a loyal fan, I found out that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was quite amusing and all the questions from the previous movies were all answered in this final installment. However, I personally think that this movie duration should be longer, 2 hours and 10 minutes was quite short. Let's say my target is 2 and a half hour. It's should be great!

I watched this movie with my flatmates and also Alif, our senior at Cineworld, Renfrew Street which is just a 15-minute walk from our hall. The ticket price (student) for 3D movie is £6.60 while for 2D is £5.10. Well all went for 3D of course.

I'm not going to review about this movie but just want to share some favourite scenes and also the scenes that I didn't like.

Favourite scenes:

- McGonagall fight Snape by using orange fiery spell where it bounces when Snape shield it. It bounces directly to two Death Eaters (presumably Alecto and Amycus Carrow) standing behind Snape and kill them. Padan muka kau!

- All fighting/dueling scenes. I love seeing colourful spells flying on the air. The battles damaged Hogwarts very badly.

- The chamber of secret. This scene was not in the book, but made it to the film. It's nice seeing the chamber of secret got revisited.

- Everytime the Horcrux are destroyed, I feel satisfied. Voldemort is getting weaker. Padan muka kau!

- Harry Potter plays hide-and-seek with Voldemort. Macam main kejar2 pulak.. Then Harry kena belasah dengan Voldemort; kena lempang, kena sepak & kena pijak. Barulah sadis sikit.

Not-so-favourite scenes:

- Harry takes quite a long time talking to the ghost of Helena Ravenclaw (The Grey Lady). Perlu ke adegan hantu merajuk2 tak nak bagitau Harry kat mana dia sorokkan the lost diadem tu??

- All fighting scenes should be longer. I want to see Hermione, Luna & Ginny fight Bellatrix before Molly kill her. But the way Bellatrix dies is so funny. She shrinks a bit before exploding. LOL.. In the book, Molly kill her by casting a spell which hits directly into Bellatrix's heart.

- The dead. Gonna miss Fred, Lupin and Tonks. Tapi apsal tetiba Lavender pun mati? Dalam buku takde cakap pun dia mati.. Cuma cedera dibelasah Fenrir je. Tapi dalam movie, Fenrir siap makan daging Lavender lagi sebelum Hermione tembak dia. *yuxsss*. Sayu tengok Lupin & Tonks mati bersama. Terpaksa Harry jaga anak korang, Ted Lupin yang tak muncul dalam movie.

- Oliver Wood only make a brief apprearance where he leads an aerial attack on a broomstick. Parvati Patil was cut from the movie but her twin Padma is still in there. Boleh pulak kembar kau tiba2 hilang kan..

- I want to see the professors battling the Death Eater. Prof Slughorn, Sprout and Trelawney are in the movie but none are seen in the fighting scene. Tiba2 je muncul masa dah habis lawan2 duduk sedih2 pasal orang mati. Salute to McGonagall, but the stone soldiers did not do much in fighting.

- The way Voldemort dies is quite not satisfying. I should be the Avada Kedavra spell rebounces to him. Not just tetibe wand retak2 and terpelanting. Harry patutnya tonyoh2 Voldemort dengan pedang and korek mata Voldemort *ok, ini tipu*.

Movie stills:

Hogwarts shied deteriorating

Goyle, Malfoy & Zabini (the actor of Crabbe was sentenced to prison due to possession of drug, so Crabbe was cut from the film)


Avada Kedavra

the Order of Phoenix comes to save the day

hide and seek

the Weasleys - (Bill, Fleur, Arthur, Molly, Percy, Ginny, George) with Minerva

Voldemort & Death Eaters

Harry confronting Snape in the Great Hall

In Bellatrix's vault in Gringotts



Neville make some heroic speech in front of Voldemort

Harry and Luna before meeting the Grey Lady

Prof Sprout, Madam Pomfrey, Prof Slughorn & Mr Filch

Stone soldiers summoned by McGonagall

Okay, now back to study. I have one class test next week and two tests on the following week!


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