Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Riverside Museum

Last Thursday, my housemates and I spent an evening at West End to have a short tour to a Riverside Museum nearby Joe's place.

Riverside Museum is located by the riverside at West End, Glasgow. This museum exhibits a wide variety of transport from older to newer days. It's just a 15-minute walking distance from Joe's house. The entrance is free and there is a souvenir shop inside where you can purchase postcards, keyrings, mugs, vehicle dies and many more items which are available from the shelves.

We spent about an hour or so inside this museum before we went to The TallShip. The entrance fee into the ship is £4.50 for students (normal price £5). The ship was amusing, it's quite huge with a lot of details on it. We could access into the decks, rooms and the engine room which is located at the lower part of the ship.

After we finished with the tour, we went back to Joe's place via Morrisons and Wau Cafe.

Penat sangat jalan2 muzium ni.. Tapi ini semua pengalaman kan, jalan2 di negara orang, harus explore tempat2 perlancongan sebanyak yang mungkin. =)


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