Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beyond 9 Hoodie


This is like.. Dream come true gitu..

SNSD's Beyond 9 hoodie can be ordered from e-bay Malaysia..

If only it is cheaper, i might buy it.. but RM265 for a hoodie? I need to think 1000 times before buying it..

humm, melepas la aku..

I wonder if Badd gonna buy it? tapi cam mahal gila..

Adeke orang nak kasi aku hoodie ni as my birthday present this year? hehehe.. really hopes so..

I want the green one!

See the performance!

Wuuu, nak nak nak..



NikTim said...

giler mahal!!

Unknown said...

kann.. mahal gle.. lg mahal dr tiket suju!

misa said...

yay!!i wan if u fin a cheaper price~~

Unknown said...

i really want it! but... no money!

Anonymous said...

I found some Beyond 9 Hoodies at G7 Generation.

Anonymous said...

haiii.i sell original beyond 9.cheaper.staright from korea.and i dont know why ebay is so's the link:

Unknown said...

wahhh.. thnks! i'll buy if i got xtra money.. =)

Far-Ra Aina said...

saye ader wt pre-order.. smpai hjg bln nie.. tp replica jerk.. tgk kt cnie :

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