Friday, July 11, 2008

Even Stars Make Mistakes


Here are some videos of my favourite groups making mistakes during their performances. These are not my videos, I took the videos from youtube. It's quite fun watching these videos. They make me laugh so badly. Who can expect that SNSD and Wonder Girls can make mistakes?

No one is perfect plus they are human like us. Making mistakes in performances is surely forgivable and common among the entertainers. Fans can accept that because the overall performance is still great and fantastic. By the way, they look cute! =)
I really enjoy watching this videos again and again. Haha~

SNSD slipping during Kissing You song

Tiffany (SNSD) slipping during Baby Baby. Luckily Seohyun blocked her from falling down.

Yoobin (Wonder Girls) falling down during dancing

SunMi doing mistake in Tell Me


There are also some videos that show SNSD and Wonder Girls playing around during their performances. I don't blame them for not doing serious in their performances but they deserve a little entertainment as they have worked so hard promoting their album and doing performances for many times. They must be very tired get not enough rest. Poor them..

Yoona and Yuri (SNSD) playing with their lollipops

SoHee and YeEun (Wonder Girls) chatting during Tell Me

*I don't own these videos. I just grabbed them from youtube.


M Iqbal AG said...

sabaq la iwa.
diorang manusia jugak
bukan robot

cahaya wawa said...

even dorg buat slh pun, ko msh tetap stia kan..
kipas ssh mati lorhh

Unknown said...

of course.. kalo dh ske tu, mmg la ske.. hehe..

~athirah nadia~ said...

no comment~~

gue tak minat..hahahah

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