Saturday, May 4, 2013

PRP Week 26 to 29 - Drug Info Service (DIS)

Alhamdulillah, I just finished another station which was Drug Information Service (DIS) which took a month there.  There workload was of course not very distressing like clinical department. I quite enjoyed my stay in DIS.

So what are the tasks and job scope?

1. Check JKNJ email from Mohcube website everyday. Any email came from Bahagian Farmasi are sent to this email. The email will be screened, saved and also forwarded to the respective staffs.

2. Register adverse drug reaction (ADR). Doctors and pharmacists who encounter any ADR will send their forms to DIS to be processed and recorded. Then we will mail the form to KKM.

3. Kad Alahan Ubat. We also responsible to produce allergic card to patients who develop anaphylactic reaction to certain drugs. Some common drugs which caused allergic reaction are ceftiaxone, ciprofloxacin and tramadol.

4. Application for KPK and non-standard drugs. These are for doctors who want to start patient with drugs which are not available in hospital formularies and KKM formularies. It means that the drugs must be purchased overseas. Their prices can reach thousands of ringgit. That's why it's non-standard.

5. Arrangement for CME sessions. Every month, we will conduct CME sessions to give chances to the staffs to collect CPD points by listening to talks. There will be sales rep who will come and promote their stuffs. There's one slot for PRP to present as well. I already presented my turn which was about Child Psychiatry. We also order food for the CME and book for the place. Usually we book the seminar room if available. 

6. Setting up laptop and projector. If there's a meeting, we are the one who responsible to set up the laptop and projector in the meeting room. However,  this service excludes PRP presentation. They have to set up by themselves.

7. Answer calls and inquiries. Everyday there will be phone calls from doctor asking for weird weird questions. So we need to find the answers by referring to books, internet or experienced staffs. Sometimes the answers are not in the book thus we need to ask around from others. There's one day I called Pusat Racun Negara because a doctor wanted to find how to manage Ethylene Glycol Poisoning. Alhamdulillah we found the answer. :)

DIS office

HSI after subuh

setting up laptop and projector

updating Drug Chart as requested by doctor

A visit by Pengarah Hospital and pihak pengurusan for 5S

Files and folders


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