Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weekend Getaway - Melaka (Part 1)

Asslamualaikum wbt & Good Day peeps!

Finally I got the chance to meet up my friends from Melaka Manipal College.  I started my journey after work on Friday and headed to Batu Pahat to fetch Lukman. After dusk, we continued our journey to Melaka.

Medan Ikan Bakar Alai

I've promised my friends to have dinner at ikan bakar. So they suggested us to go to Medan Ikan Bakar Alai. It's nearer compared to Umbai. We arrived at Melaja around 9pm and Wawa already called us asking where were we. Farah already cried because she was too hungry already. Hahaha. Kitorang pun lapar jugak hoccayyyyy...

So we picked Badd first at the hostel then to Wawa's house to pick up the girls. We also sent Mije to the boys' house next door. Then we shooted up to Alai. Although it was quite late but there were still a lot if seafood for us to choose. Unlike in Port Dickson where only fishes and cockels remained, no cuttlefish or prawns because all sold out already. Cissss bedebah.

So our menu was ikan siakap tiga rasa and bakar (we split the fish into half because it was quite enormous), sotong goreng tepung, grilled prawns, kerang bakar sambal, kailan ikan masin and two jugs of orange juice. We potpet2 here and there catching up with the latest news and gossips. Oh I really miss u guys a lot! The food was definitely yummy and alhamdulillah there was no left overs. All licin habis. Nasi Uya yang tak habis pun aku habiskan. Hehehe.. tak baik membazir.

Kerang bakar sambal

Siakap 3 flava

Siakap bakar

Grilled prawns

Sotong goreng tepung

Jonker Street/ Jonker Walk

After we're done with the scrumptious food, we headed back to the city to take a stroll along Jonker Street. I never went to Jonker before so this was the time. We arrived around 11 pm but the stalls were already starting to pack up. It's nearly closed although there were a lot more stalls still opened. I bought some keychains as souvenirs. According to Emie, they will close early on Friday night but extended on Saturday night.  Keychain yang boleh bubuh nama gitu. Cantik but a bit expensive. We took photo with the bodybuilder statue as well at Taman Warisan Jonker. Lol


3D card. Amazing but RM15 sekeping.. haha..

Hard Rock Cafe Melaka

At the end of Jonker Street, Hard Rock Cafe is located. So apa lagi, masukkkkkk.. lol. I'm a collector of HRC merchandise so I grabbed this chance to bought two pin badges. The price is urmm urmmmm however it was a little bit cheaper in UK or Europe. I didn't purchased the t-shirt maybe in my next visit I will buy it. Because it nearly the end of the month so I'm a little bit broke. Haha.. 

After that, I sent back the girls home and the boys headed to Duyong because we're going to stay at my brother's place. We're planning to have coconut shake drink at Klebang tomorrow. Can't wait! :)

[To be continued]


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