Friday, May 10, 2013

My Birthday This Year | 24th

Tu diaaaa, intro drpd nombor yang selalu spam aku dgn hal2 politik.. =.=

Alhamdullilah, I'm 24 now.. 

This year was my first time celebrating birthday as a working adult. Adult ke? Perangai macam kanak-kanak but who cares right??

Family @Port Dickson

My first birthday celebration was a pre where my family and I went to Port Dickson and stay overnight at a resort which was PNB Ilham Resort. This place is very nice and the surroundings are very gorgeous with big swimming pool, entertainment and good food. Since my birthday and my brother's birthday differ only by 4 days so we celebrated together. Angah bought a cheesecake from Secret Recipe and Along bought a tray full of lasagna. Yumm yummmmmm.. My happiest moment ever since I got to rest on weekend, no oncalls. Played and swam with the kids too.. Miss them so much!  :)

Before heading back to Johor, we had lunch at Chilis, Citta Mall. Oh nom nom nommm...

Friends @Hospital Sultan Ismail

Although my circle of friends wasn't as many as the past when I got a lot of friends to celebrate my birthday with. Well, in university of course you have a lot of friends! However, I'm very grateful because I still have a few close friends at my working place. Thanks guys for surprising me with the birthday cake! I'm totally surprised! :D

Plus, I got 6 mini cakes from my akak pegawai. Thanks so much! Although I main-main saying I want a 7-tier cakes, she still managed to buy me 6 cakes. That's so lovely. :)

Plus, we went to a birthday trip to Desaru!

Me, Nur & Zu

Friends @Melaka

In addition, a week before my real birthday, I went down to Malacca to meet my friends from Melaka Manipal College. We had a mini birthday celebration for me. Thanks guys! Thanks for the cake and presents! We definitely had so much fun there. Starting with seafood galore in Alai, then breakfast at Roti Arang before heading to the city and had lunch at Breeks Cafe. We also grabbed the chance to go to Klebang to had a refreshing authentic coconut shake! :)


I also celebrated my birthday with Mirah at Kajang. She treated me Chinese food dinner at HOMST Restaurant, Prima Saujana. Sedap! Thanks a lot! :)

with Mirah

with Mirah and her cousin

Friends @Shah Alam

Back in Shah Alam before general election. Emie brought me out to celebrate my birthday again with Wawa at The Street Cafe in Subang Jaya. It's a Korean food restaurant. I love it! Although we ordered a lot of food, we still managed to finished them. Not forgetting the big bowl of shaved ice too! With exploding juicy bubbles and chocolate chips! :)

Birthday presents this year! 

Red shoes from Badd

Lego Mug from Lukman

The Avengers toys from Emie

Cute pillow from Wawa

One more present is from Zu, but no picture since I already wear it.. hehe..

Alhamdulillah, for being blessed with family and a lot of friends who cares for me, remembers me and making my life so meaningful.

May Allah bless us all and may success be with us in whatever we are doing right now..



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