Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Photobook #6 - Bristol, Bath & Leeds | England

Right after we came back from our trip to Berlin, we stayed London for a day and then bid goodbye to my parents as they were going back to Malaysia at that time. After sending off my parents at London Victoria, we then took bus to Bristol. In Bristol, my friend Azri Marican was there so we stayed at his place. Then, the day after we went to Bath bu taking train. B

Bath is a very nice place with a lot of history to be learnt of. Some interesting places include The Roman Baths, the Pulteney Bridge and Bath Market. Definitely a nice place to visit although we didn't manage to catch bus to Stonehenge due to unavailability of the bus. It was fully booked by the time we asked from the tour counter. Maybe next time.. Hehe..

The stunning Roman Baths as the front cover.

Inside the Roman Baths
Splashh splashhh.. Care to dive in?

Back in Bristol, Azri brought us to tour around Bristol City. We passed by his university, which is University of Bristol, @Bristol, Central Library and so on and then we walked further to Clifton Suspension Bridge. It was very windy at the bridge site as the weather was already cold. Brrrr...

What a nice bridge..

Leeds is actually not included in this trip but I went day there on different trip. I went to Leeds with my parents before our journey to Rome started. She really wanna visit Leeds as it used to be my uncle's study place a long time ago.


Azian Elias said...

Salam kenal..

best nya jenjalan tpt omputih ni ye.. i belum ada kesempatan.. ntah bila sampai agaknya yeee...

Unknown said...

Salam kembali.. insyaAllah satu hari nanti mungkin diberi peluang jejakkan kaki ke sana.. suasana kat sama sgt best dan berbeza.. :)

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