Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Labour Day Trip to Desaru Beach | Johor

Assalamualaikum wbt dan salam ceria semua.

Cerita ni agak dah sebulan la, tapi baru nk belogkan. Biasalah sangat busy dengan kerja dan assignment. Kerja2 pun banyak assignment. Menyampah betul. Ok, so during Labour's Day on 1st May, we planned to go to Desaru to enjoy the beautiful beach of Malaysia. Desaru is located approximately 60km from Johor Bahru. The driver for this trip was Zu while the passengers included me, Nur and my brother Sufi.

The weather was quite okay at first but as we reached Desaru Beach, rain started to fall. Aigooooo.. But we still went out to had a quick stroll at the beach. We had lunch first at the nearby stall selling chicken rice, coconut juice and nasi campur as well. Since it was public holiday, the beach was full of half naked people, some of them came from Singapore as we could observe a lot of Singaporean cars at the parking lot. Finding a spot for parking was also very challenging and the area was muddy as well.

After lunch, we dropped by a few souvenir shops to buy something as souvenirs. It's quite expensive though, three keychains for RM10. Padahal cengkerang dengan tulisan je pun, tu nak jual mahal2 pulak. So I grabbed 9 for RM30. Huhuhu.. tak bagi kurang pulak tu, kedekut.. I asked my brother whether he wanted anything or not, but as usual he didn't want anything. Souvenir kat sini biasa2 je.

Since it was raining here and there, we only spent a short time at Desaru beach because after that, we continued our journey to another beach at Batu Layar. Batu Layar is located around 20km from Desaru. Zu said that Batu Layar is nicer than Desaru. So, we'll see.. The road was quite empty maybe because people were still busy swimming in the sea. 

As soon as we reached Batu Layar, I was astounded. It was very pretty with crystal clear water and also the unique rocky landmark made it even more beautiful. Plus, there were less people here so we got to enjoy our sweet time here for much longer. We didn't plan to mandi-manda around here. Just came to take some nice photos while enjoying the God's creation. The sea water level was quite high as well and we couldn't assess to the other part of the rocks. But we saw a bunch of people climbed on the rocks to reach there. Hmmmm, quite dangerous though as the rocks are quite edgy and sharp.

After spending some time here, we went back to the city and find a place for snacks. We dropped by a kopitiam besides the road and had roti bakar and some drinks. Later, we continued our day to AEON Bukit Indah just to wander around.

That's all for a quick update of my travel story. 



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