Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Penang over the Weekend | Part 1

Assalamualaikum & Salam Ceria peeps~

Actually, the purpose of me going to Penang was to attend a few weddings at the northern area. I got wedding at Kulim and Arau on Saturday. So, I left Johor on Friday night and touched down at Penang before Wanji came to fetch me up. So, first thing first, let's find a place for dinner. Although I already ate Subway sandwich for dinner, I was still hungry. Wanji brought me to the famous seafood place which is located near the Queensbay Mall. Hammer Bay!

Hammer Bay

We had a lot of seafood although we dined in for two. We had one jenahak which we requested to be cooked into two parts. One is lime steamed fish and another one is lamprik? Ala2 paprik tapi dia panggil lamprik. Aku pun tak faham sangat. Hahaha.. Then we had tomyam poptek which was so thick and sour and spicy as well, sotong goreng tepung, kerang bakar and cendawan goreng sos tiram. All of these for two people, I guessed we could make it since we are quite a big eater. Hehehe... After chitchatting for a while and finished up our meal, Wanji brought me to his home at Permatang Pauh. 

Omar Mee Kuah, Machang Bubok

On the next day, before heading to Azri Marican's sister's wedding at Kulim, Wanji brought me for a brunch at Machang Bubok, Bukit Mertajam. The stall name is Omar Mee Kuah and it is located in front of SMK Machang Bubok. This place is famous for mee kuah (gravy noodles?) Lol.. I ordered mee udang special. What's so special? It includes a few strips of roasted beef and two giant prawns. I'm very satisfied eating this meal. The gravy was sweet and had a strong flavour of prawn broth. Mee udang special cost RM16 per bowl (based on current prawn price). Wanji had laksa special. It only cost RM3.50 with sambal sotong and cucuq.

Laksa Special

Mee kuah special

Wedding @Kulim

Then, we continued our journey to Kulim, Kedah. The wedding was held in Dewan Putra Kulim. This was my friend's sister's wedding. Azri Marican came back from UK because he had elective at Hospital Kulim before graduating in July. We only got the chance to speak with Azri for a while because he was quite busy as a runner. People kept on calling him to do work. Takpelah Azri, next time kita bual2 panjang lagi eh. :)

Wedding @ Arau

Before heading to Arau, Perlis, we dropped by Aleen's house at Alor Setar to pick her up. She joined us to Arau for Mije's wedding. Mije is our ex-classmates back then in INTEC when we did our A-Levels. Aleen held us for quite some times before we got the chance to drive to Arau. We had a little bit chitchat with her parents. The journey took around one hour from Alor Setar to Arau. We arrived quite late and the reception was nearly ended. However, there's still some table for us to sit and eat peacefully with the bride and groom. This was the advantage of coming late to a wedding, we got more time to spend with the raja sehari. Hehe.. Congrats to Mije & Illy for you wedding! :)

After sending back Aleen to Alor Setar where we got a pack of kurma as a souvenir from Makkah. Aleen's parents came back from Umrah few weeks before. Alhamdulillah. Now my parents are in Makkah. I hope they are doing fine and in a good health. We had dinner at Sg Dua Char Kuey Teow which I already blogged about it previously.

Then we went back home and had a good rest. Wanji was working on Sunday morning thus I could wake up late on that day. Wehuuuu.. :)

Today's wedding doorgifts! XD


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