Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Penang over the Weekend | Part 2

We still have a wedding to attend on Sunday which was Wanji's friend's wedding. This wedding was held in Machang Bubok. After the wedding, we headed back to the island by crossing the famous Penang bridge. Our first destination was Chowrasta market. We dropped by here to buy some souvenirs for my friends like fridge magnet, keychains and postcards. These are my usual souvenirs when I travel. I grabbed a few magnets for RM10 (3 pieces) and a strip of metal keychains (RM9 for 6 pieces). I couldn't find postcards here but we found it at a bookshop at another street. Besides shopping for souvenirs, we also tried the popular Ais Tingkap. So what is ais tingkap? (Iced window??). It's a drink, red in colour with some biji selasih and coconut strips served with shaved ice. The taste was good and definitely refreshing as the weather was quite warm today. This drink was called ais tingkap because the seller used to sell it through the window.

After that, we resumed our journey to Batu Feringghi to visit Hard Rock Cafe Penang. This was my second visit to HRC Penang. Last time I went with my family. Since it's public holiday, the parking was full thus we need to park at extra place across the road. There was a special event as well as Faizal Tahir came to perform at the cafe. So, the cafe was closed for any dine in customers. We wanted to try the menu but no luck. Perhaps next time. So we just went to The Rock Shop to buy some merchandise. I bought a couple of t-shirts for my best friends and a couple of pin badges for me. It has a unique design, one in t-shirt-shaped and another one is shorts-shaped. That's why I bought both. Hehe. However, I'm not satisfied as they didn't practice the use of Hard Rock Rewards Card. So, I couldn't collect more points. The cashier said that they only practice it in cafe for food and beverage. Huhuhu, sedey je.. 

We also took the chance to pray at Masjid Terapung. This was my first time visiting this mosque and it is quite pretty. It is located on the water thus this mosque is called floating mosque. 

Our last destination was Queensbay Mall. We had dinner at Dave's Deli. There are several toy shops here so I dropped in just for window shopping. Kena jimat2, tak boleh beli toys selalu. 

Then, it's time for me to leave. Wanji sent me to the airport as my flight to Johor Bahru is expected to depart at 9.35pm. Teeettttt, so wrong. It had been delayed for half an hour so it departed around 10 something. Huhu..


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