Saturday, April 13, 2013

Photobook #5 - Berlin | Germany

I still remember, Berlin was my first trip outside UK when I studied there in 2011. In fact, this trip happened during our first summer break after we finished our summer semester. We simply planned it, only went to Berlin for 3 days but I think it's just enough to cover the important places. Plus, our whole summer trip not only covers Berlin, we also spent 3 days in London, and the remainders in Bath, Bristol and Manchester.

For me, Berlin is a very interesting place to visit, there's a lot of history to learn and many great photos could be captured. The weather was quite nice. Although it was summer, but it's still cold and windy.

I chose Museum Island for the cover page

Hard Rock Cafe, a must visit attraction for us.. :)



View from above the tower

World time clock, it displays time for the whole world

One of the significant landmarks in Berlin, Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin Wall used to separate Berlin into two parts

Sehitlik Mosque


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