Friday, April 5, 2013

Photobook #4 - Andalusia | Spain

This time, it's about my trip to Andalusia, Spain. We covered 3 cities in Spain which were Seville, Cordoba and Granada. Plus one more place, Gibraltar. Gibraltar is another country under British Territory but it's located just beside Spain. 

Front cover - Spain

Back cover - Gibraltar

A very nice view from the peak.

Enjoying the chill weather above.

Souvenirs. Since Andalusia was previously ruled by Islam therefore some Islamic souvenirs are still made.

Madinat al-Zahrah, Cordoba

Plaza Espana, Seville. Where this place was used as a filming location in Star Ward Episode 2.

The very famous Cordoba Mezquita.

The magical Alhambra, Granada.

It was very memorable since 9 of us joined the trip. I remember the chill weather here, it was veryyyy windy and cold! =)

I should explore more of Spain, to Barcelona, Madrid whatnot.


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