Sunday, March 31, 2013

PRP Week 23 - Ward 8C (Paeds Renal & Onco)

Assalamualaikum, I hope everyone is in the pink of health. Almaklumlah, Malaysian weather is very unpredictable right now. Sometimes it is too bright and sunny and hot, sometimes it will rain with thunder storm. Plus, many people gets sick due to these kind of weathers. So, bertabahlah.. Take care of your health, drink a lot of water, keep yourselves hydrated and do not play under the sunlight too often.

So, two weeks ago I was attached to Ward 8C which handles paediatric patients with renal and oncology problem. It's very sad watching these kids having this kind of conditions. They are still young but yet their kidney isn't functioning well and some of them has cancers.

Like usual, in the morning I will read through the cases, then follow ward rounds and then check the medication trolley in satellite pharmacy. Plus, sometimes got assignment given by the FRP, usually I need to go back and find the answer if I couldn't find it on the spot.

During my time, the number of patient in the ward is quite less. The ward wasn't full. So I have to clerk every patient for CP1 and CP2 forms. The CP1 clerking was a bit different from the norm, this time I wasn't evaluating the patient for their compliance towards medications, but I counselled them on the type of medications, the indications, how to take and also the common side-effects.

celebrated They's birthday at satellite pharmacy

We also had to attend Pengenalan Perkhidmatan Farmasi kepada PRP which took place in our hospital, Hospital Sultan Ismail on Saturday. I got the chance to meet my batchmates from Strathclyde as well as from INTEC. :)

This course took one whole day from 8 am till 5 pm. 

with Ain from INTEC

from University of Strathclyde - CV, Jolene and Yunn Shuen.. :)
Anis & Mira also from INTEC

Ok bye


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