Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hello Kitty Town | Nusajaya

Hellooooo, it's been a long time since I last write about travel. That's because for the past 6 months, I rarely go to travel since my working life has already been hectic. It's not easy to apply for a leave although my annual leave is still a lot. If I take MC also, my annual leave will be deducted. =.=

Ok, this time I went to Puteri Harbour Family Park which is located a few miles from Legoland. Here, there is a big complex which accommodates two indoor parks, one is Hello Kitty Town and another one is The Little Big Club. I went there with two of my colleagues, Zu and Nur. It's not very difficult to reach here, just follow the signboard to Puteri Harbour. We parked the car outside the mall since indoor parking is not yet open for public.

The entrance fee is RM85 for both parks. For individual park, it cost RM50. As a Legoland annual pass holder, we obtained 10% discount thus the final price is only RM76. Jimat2.. =) 

There's not many people in this place since it's not school holiday. The parks targets children as their main customers, not adult or teenage. This is because from the rides and attractions, it's clearly made for children. However, my friends and I thicken our faces and played almost everything. Lol

Hello Kitty Town is located on the first floor. The ground floor is where we purchased the tickets and also there is a souvenir shop here selling expensive stuffs. Very typical theme park, selling expensive things..

So I'm gonna share a few photos in Hello Kitty Town. Say no more, enjoy!

The pinky entrance

Performance by Kitty and Daniel

Performance ala2 obersi gitu..

Heartful Forest 

Hello Kitty house- The house is very pretty with a lot of Hello Kitty decorations.

Jewelry class - we were given a bracelet and a charm each.. but we cheated so we took two instead.. haha.. and it's free of charge.. :)

Cookie class - we didn't exactly bake the cookies, just decorated them with strawberry jam and chocolate syrup.. The cookies is definitely very yummy, but we're only got one each. We want more! We want more!

Spinning cup goes round and round... round and round~

This park quite small compared to The Little Big Club. There's no so many rides here, just the house, forest and playground. I think The Little Big Club is more exciting and fun. What's nice in here is that in the Heartful Forest, we played a maze game. Need to collect clues and then save Kitty and Daniel from the bad guys. 

Gonna write about it in the next post..




Ren said...

Kiut jugak ye natang helo kiti ni.

Miss said...

OMOOOOOO!!! Hello kitty!! ade katak ijo karupi tuh!!! comeyyyyy T_T

Unknown said...

comel2.. tp kalo jd kanak2 seronok la.. bila dah besar ni mcm tak berapa excited.. haha

Michael said...

We visited the Hello Kitty JB last week. My Kids enjoyed jewelry making, costume party, paint your nail or bake cookies at Wishful Studio.

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