Monday, March 25, 2013

PRP Week 20, 21 & 22 - Medical Wards

Yuhhuuuu, dah lama tak update pasal kehidupan sebagai seorang Pegawai Farmasi Provisional (PRP). Ok, so after my attachment in 8D and NICU, I was attached to 3 medical wards, one week each. Firstly in Ward 3B, then 7A and finally 7B. 

Being in medical ward is quite okay, because I'm already familiar with drug doses due to my experience in satellite and OPD. However, in certain cases, the doses need to be adjusted due to patient's underlying condition such as renal impairment.

As usual, in the morning I will follow specialist ward round. Then, check the ward trolley in satellite pharmacy and do my CP1. If the discharge medications were already prepared, then I will send them to ward alongside with bedside counselling. Some device or medications need to be counselled such as inhaler, insulin pen, warfarin and aerochamber. So drug like Fosamax also need some special counselling as this is a once a week medication.

I presented 2 cases from medical ward. One was about SBP (spontaneous bacterial peritonitis) and another one is about hypertension emergency. I presented these cases in one day since I missed the previous week presentation due to emergency reason. I took emergency leave because my grandmother was admitted to hospital and my aunt passed away. 

So, what's important in medical ward?

Read these book and references:

1. Sarawak Handbook 
2. CPG Guidelines especially for hypertension, diabetes mellitus & asthma - these are the most common cases in medical wards - for management of the disease
3. Drug Info and Micromedex - to check for doses and interactions etc
4. Antibiotic references (Sanford, National Antibiotic Guidelines)

In the evening, aroung 4pm, I will once again send the discharge medications. After that, I will stay back untik 6 or 7 pm to clerk CP2 cases to achieve the target. 20 cases per ward in a week. Thus, in total 60 cases for CP1 and CP2 in three weeks time.

Posing kat surau

A few types of inhalers

CP2 forms

View from seventh floor

Sometimes I went back at this hour.. 


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