Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wondermilk | Uptown Damansara

A day after the Port Dickson trip, we all headed back to KL for another outing with Badd. We fetched him at Seri Kembangan and then continued our journey to the newly-opened Paradigm Mall at Kelana Jaya. Finding a parking was not an easy job, we had to drive up up and away until the top floor.

The mall was kinda pretty and modern, I guessed because it was still fresh. So, it was clean although some shops still haven't opened and started their businesses yet. We did nothing much here except strolling around and visiting a pet shop there.

After finishing our quick tour, we drove away to Uptown Damansara searching for the famous Wondermilk restaurant where their cupcakes are very glamour. So we found it and we had our lunch there. I ordered 3 cupcakes, a sandwich and a butterscotch wondermilk. Personally I think, the food are kinda overpriced, where one medium-sized cupcakes cost RM4.50. This place is comfortable to relax and lepak2 with friends, but not suitable for hungry people. Lol

Here are some photos of the cupcakes and us. =)

Wondermilk wondermilk kami datang~

Ok, sudah kenyang boleh balik.. hehehe..

Thanks for the outing guys!


~Beb~ said...

Sll sgt dgr wondermilk nih.. Dr dolu2 lgi. Belum rase nk cuba lgik. mgkin sbb x suke manis2 sgt. eh cenonit tuh rm4+ mahal! mmg x sesuai for me yg sentiasa lapo ni.. huhuhuh

Unknown said...

Memang mahal.. beli utk rase2 je.. nk kenyang mmg x dapeklaaaa... huhu

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