Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rojak Bellamy

Rojak Bellamy is located at Jalan Bellamy, Kuala Lumpur. What's so famous here? Rojak and cendol of course! Since 1958 they said. Their motto is "Best rojak in Kuala Lumpur... emmm maybe in Malaysia!". Amboi2 kauuu.. Yakin je ekkkk...

Ok la, so one day we went here because we promised Arissa and Imani to bring them jalan2 around KL. Before we went to Midvalley, we made a stop at Rojak Bellamy to have lunch. I had rojak special and cendol while others tried the fried kuetiau and rojak biasa. Rojak special is special because it has sambal sotong on top of it.

fried kuetiau


rojak special


As soon we reached Midvalley, we found out that Pet Wonderland has moved to different location. So we searched for it and found it. Arissa likes animals, so she loves seeing a lot of animals in this shop, hamster and cats particularly. :)

Icha & Iman with Uncle Udin


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