Friday, January 11, 2013

Laman Grill | Shah Alam

Hello Masterchef~

Finally, I got the chance to try the western food served at a restaurant owned by Chef Zubir Masterchef. Laman Grill: Steak & Bar-B-Que. This restaurant is quite famous among the food-lovers as it was featured several times in Masterchef Malaysia. It's located at Laman Seri, Seksyen 13, Shah Alam. Near the Giant Hypermarket and Stadium Shah Alam.

I went here a day before I started my job in Johor. Huhu, sedihnya sebab akan meninggalkan Shah Alam for a year. So, why not treats myself with good food? Hehe, not treat myself actually because my mom was the one who paid. =)

The restaurant looks quite cozy and modern where the kitchen is actually can be seen from the dining area. So, if you wanna see the chefs cook, feels free to do so. On the wall, a lot of certificates were displayed showing how successful Chef Zubir is. Malaysians should be proud of him. :)

Chef Zubir dalam gambar

So what did we ate?

Lamb Cutlet


Lamb Shank

Spring chicken chop

Ice cream


Vanilla milkshake

Ice lemon tea

Watermelon juice

I was quite satisfied with the food as the portion was very reasonable although the price was kinda exclusive. Hehe.. It's nice to have meals here for some special occasion, sometimes.



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