Thursday, January 3, 2013

Souvenir Miniatures

Assalamualaikum and olaaaa~

I've been travelling for quite a few times already and it's compulsory to buy something for myself. I collected a lot of stuffs and for souvenirs, I prefer fridge magnets, keychains, snowglobes, postcards, pin badges and miniatures. Eh, banyak pulak aku kumpul kan.. Hehehe.. Takpe, bukan selalu dapat jejakkan kaki ke luar negara kan? 

For this entry, I'm sharing some photos of my miniature collection. I hope you guys like them.. =)

My miniature world :)

Amsterdam | Holland

Budapest | Hungary
-Parliament Building & Chain Bridge-

Vienna | Austria
-St Stephansdom Cathedral-

Edinburgh | Scotland
-Edinburgh Castle-

Paris | France
-Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower & Sacre Coeur-

Brussels | Belgium
-Maneken Pis-

London | England
-London Eye, Big Ben & Tower Bridge-

Granada | Spain

Cordoba | Spain
-Cordoba Mezquita Arc-

Rome | Italy

Sevilla | Spain
-Bell Tower-

Prague | Czech Republic
-Astronomical Clock-

That's all folks~


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