Monday, January 7, 2013

PRP Week 11 & 12 - Inpatient (Satellite 4)

Wuhuuuuu.. Finally I've completed 5 out of my 8 weeks in inpatient (IPD) department. I'm going to outpatient (OPD) after this. Well, things are still the same in Satellite 4 except there was one day, the labels came out quite late thus we had to reprint the labels by patient, one by one. Usually, the labels will come out automatically around 8am. This was due to downtime maintenance which occurred the night before. I guessed this is one of the drawbacks of using electronic system. I could be a disaster once the system is under maintenance. It will be manual all over again..

Lepak santai di Farmasi Satelit 4

Frank Shann yang terkorban dalam mesin basuh kini sudah diganti baru. Thanks Kak Pah!

I re-presented my TDM Aminophylline once again and alhamdulillah everything went well. Now, I just need to complete at least 40 cases of clerking and do some follow-up for certain patients. Furthermore, I still not yet have the date for TDM assessment yet. Everyone is kinda busy now due to the change of department which affected the bosses.

So, last week I got the chance to have lunch outside the hospital. Me, Zu and Nur went to Aeon Tebrau next door and had sushi at Sushi King. I'm so glad that I finally got friends to tag along. I mean rakan sebaya la.. Hehe.. Tapi Kak Nur lebih muda.. =p We also have planned our next outing on 20th and 24th January. Tak sabar nak berjimba2 dengan diorang. Oleh sebab tak ramai lelaki kat HSI, makanya dengan diorang berdua ni la aku selalu lepak2 sambil gosip2.. And we watched The Hobbit together few weeks ago.


Nur & Zu

Me (eh nampak macam dah kurus semula).. =p

Ok, that's all for the inpatient update. Till we met again somewhere around this year. :)


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