Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Restoran Seri Mesra Ikan Bakar & Seafood

Hello peeps~

I hope you are in a pink of health. Alhamdulillah.. 

I went to a trip to Port Dickson a few months ago to jalan2 with my besties, Lukman and Emie. From Shah Alam, I drove to Senawang with Emie and spent overnight at Lukman's house. We headed to Port Dickson at the evening just to watch sunset at the beach and also to fill our stomachs with seafood. Port Dickson is one of the good spot to eat seafood.

So after I google2 about the nearby seafood, we decided to have dinner at Restoran Seri Mesra Ikan Bakar & Seafood. It's not too difficult to find this restaurant as it is located just besides the main road. We arrived there around 8.30pm and by that time, this place was already packed with hungry people. We managed to find a table and then Lukman and I went to choose the seafood. Too bad, a lot of seafood already finished and we ended up having ikan siakap 3 rasa and kerang rebus (boiled cockles). All our hopes to eat battered fried cuttlefish and shrimps went away. Sedih laaa.. Then we added chicken tom yam , kailan ikan masin and telur dadar because Emie don't eat seafood.

Nah, tengok gambar jela pulak eh..

kerang rebus.. kuah cicah dia sangat sedap! sampai tambah dua kali..

siakap 3 rasa.. tapi sangat berminyak..

tomyam ayam

kailan ikan masin

telur dadar

Before having the seafood, we had a quick stroll at Teluk Kemang and Pantai Saujana to see the sunset but it was too cloudy. We also dropped by some bazaar and night market hunting for souvenirs but I found myself not interested in them. The souvenirs didn't looked so nice. We bought dried spicy cuttlefish as well just for snacks. 

Ok, itu sahaja update kali ni. Lama sungguh tertangguh.. Banyak lagi entri yang masih beratur untuk ditulis dan dipublish.. XD


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