Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer in Prague - Day 2

We had our breakfast in the apartment with some food we brought from UK. We started our day with a trip to Prague Castle. I asked from the hotel reception on how to get there. First, we took the subway to Malostranka. Then we switched to tram to the Prazsky Hrad (Prague Castle). We bought a day ticket (24 hours) so that we could use it without limitation. It cost 110 koruna.


Prague Castle (Prazsky Hrad)

Prague Castle area is very huge with big gardens surrounded the castle complex. The castle is very big with ancient look. In fact, it is the biggest castle in the world. The castle consists of several cathedral such as St. Vitus Cathedral and St George Basilica, palaces, gardens and defense towers.

We didn't enter the castle but we only took photos around this majestic building. I'm not sure how much they will charge ti get into the castle. We also went to the souvenir shop where I bought some postcards. Other stuffs were more expensive than the normal souvenir shops.

Indicky Restaurant Mayur

Back in the city, we had our lunch at this Indian Restaurant which is located less then 5-minute walk from our apartment. We had chicken briyani, lamb briyani and naan breads. Although they were quite expensive, the food was yummy. We even had some leftovers which we tapau and brought back to our apartment.It became our dinner later on.

National Museum

We did have time to enter this museum. It definitely looks awesome from the outside.


I did not know why I visited this place because it was just a shopping mall. Maybe because my mom want to buy some stuffs for the cucunda which at the end, she bought nothing here. In front of the mall, there was a Mediterranean market which sells a lot of foodstuffs such as pastry, cakes, fruits, cheese and wines.

Old Town (revisited)

We revisited this square to take photos during the daytime.There was still hundreds of tourists here so the atmosphere was quite crowded. I took some photographs of the clock again.

Charles Bridge (Karluv Most)

Another significant tourist attraction in Prague. This historical bridge crosses the Vtlava River in Prague. This bridge was busy with tourists, painters and vendors during the day. Three bridge towers could be seen located on the bridge as the defense system during the past.



Around city


Today was our last day in Prague. We're going to Vienna(Austria) early in the morning tomorrow by train.

Generally, Prague is a very beautiful place to visit and things are not very expensive here. I could afford buying a lot of souvenirs for my friends. I wish I had more time to visit more places and attractions. The weather was warm, so I didn't have to put on my jacket all the time.


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