Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer in Budapest - Day 4

Budapest is located in Hungary which is neighbouring to Austria. We arrived at Budapest Keleti station after a 3-hour journey by train from Wien Meidling, Vienna. Our first destination was of course our hotel which was Green Hotel. We had to dropped our luggage there as well had a little rest to refresh ourselves. This hotel is located near Puskas Ferenc metro station.

Budapest is a capital of Hungary. Being a capital city, it is indeed the largest one among the other cities in Hungary. The currency is Hungarian Forint (HUF). The name of Budapest derived from two different cities; Buda and Pest. Both cities are separated by Danube river. We stayed at the Pest side. Buda side is famous for its historical areas such as Buda Castle and the old town.

We bought 24-hour ticket but I forgot how much it cost us. From Puskas Ferenc, we took a metro to Deak Ferenc which is located in the city centre.

Vorosmarty Square

During my visit, this square had became a book festival as there were so many booths selling books. A lot of tourists gathered here and it was quite crowded. There was a stage but by the time I arrived there, the band was still setting up their instruments. There's a coupled of clowns and street painters as well.

Hard Rock Cafe Budapest

This newly opened HRC is located at Vorosmarty Square. Since it was Sunday, there were a lot of people in the Rock Shop hunting for HRC t-shirts and souvenirs. I grabbed a blue-coloured t-shirt and received a free HRC lanyard after I gave the coupon which I obtained from our hotel to the cashier. Since I already asked Wanji to buy me a HRC Budapest pin badge earlier this year, thus I only bought a t-shirt this time.

Danube River

We had a long walk along the Danube riverbank. We could see the beautiful Buda Castle which is located at the opposite side. As we walked along, we saw a lot of people gathered at a place. When I figured it out, there was actually a filming took place. It must be a local production since the actors were the locals.

Hungarian Shopping Market

This is an underground market which is accessible by using escalators. This market sells souvenirs ranging from t-shirts, magnets, key chains, lace and may others. The workers are mostly Muslim and they gave discount to us. I shopped quite a lot here. We also asked whether is there any halal restaurant nearby and he told us about Al-Amir Restaurant which serve Syrian cuisine. It is located just nearby.

Al-Amir Restaurant and Cafe

This restaurant looked very exclusive but surprisingly the food price was very okay. I had a plate of rice with chicken dish and a canned fruit drink. It only cost 1500 forints (approximately £5).

Tomorrow, we would be joining a bus tour for city sightseeing. This tour was already arranged by CIT Travel, so we had to join it.


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