Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer in Budapest - Day 5

Today we would be joining a bus tour for a city sightseeing. The meeting point was in front of Grand Continental Hotel. By the time we reached there, several tourists were already on the bus. The tour started at 11 am.  In addition, we got free tickets for boat tour on Danube River. Yeayyy!

Here are some places that we dropped by along the bus tour:

Millenium Square

This memorial square is also known as Heroes' Square or in Hungarian, Hosok tere. The Millenium Memorial is one of the important landmark in Budapest which is surrounded by several statues of the seven tribe leaders who founded Budapest in the past.

Kunsthalle Budapest - Palace of Arts

Millennium Square

Millennium Memorial

Buda side

The western part of the capital of Budapest which is located acroos the Danube River. Buda Castle is located in this area as well as the Fishermen's Bastion and Mathias Church.

Fishermen's Bastion

Danube River & Parliament Building

Mathias Church

Lace is quite popular in Budapest

Marzipan Shop & Museum

Marzipan is one of Budapest specialties. It's a sweet made from almond powder, egg and sugar. It's frequently made into models and figures like shown in the photos below. For example, Budapest Parliament Building, Harry Potter, The Little Mermaid and The Flintstones. They are very nicely designed and cute too!

Gellert Hill

It is a hill overlooking Danube River. From above, we could observe the river and several bridges that cross it. There are a few souvenir stalls, restaurant, museum and monuments around this hill.

Danube River- Sightseeing Boat Tour

After lunch, we continued our day with boat tour since it's complementary with the bus tour. We waited for the boat quite long, approximately 45 minutes under the hot sun. Today was very very hot and bright. I think it's hotter than Malaysia. The boat cruised along the Danube River passing through a lot of beautiful landmarks such as Elizabeth Bridge, Buda Castle, Parliament Building up to Margaret Island.

Parliament House

Buda Castle


We had our lunch at Al-Amir Restaurant again today but we tried different menu.

Today was our last day in Budapest and I was glad trip had come to an end. It was definitely fun but the weather was kinda rough. It was so hot and bright. I thought my skin would be getting darker there. Haha..
We're going to UK tomorrow. Our flight was at noon and bound to Manchester which means we got the chance to eat at Al-Jazeera Restaurant. Yipppeee! =)


Farikica said...

Budapest... magnificent! love reading yr journey to the eastern Europe...;)

Farikica said...
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Unknown said...

thank you! ada jugak org baca blog ni.. hehe.. :)

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