Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Splash of Summer Day 1 - Leeds

Assalamualaikum and a very good day peeps!

Finally, I had finished writing about my trip to Eastern Europe. It took a while to finish them. XD

A few days after coming back to Glasgow from London, I had another trip with my friends and my parents. A total of 7 persons joined this trip which covered Italy and Switzerland. However, my parents and I extended another two extra places for ourselves which were Leeds and Cardiff.

Since our flight to Rome departed from Manchester, therefore my mom asked me to plan a short visit to Leeds which is located just one-hour away from Manchester by bus. I had pre-purchased bus tickets from Glasgow to Manchester and also from Manchester to Leeds. Both operators were Megabus. Megabus is a great deal since we could get cheap bus tickets. Usually, from Glasgow to Manchester cost around £8 for a single journey and it cost £4 from Manchester to Leeds (single).

We arrived at Leeds late at noon. We had not much to do here. My mom just wanted to visit my uncle's university where he attended fewwwwww years ago which was none other than University of Leeds. From the Coach Station, I called a private hire cab and headed directly to Parkinson Building, University of Leeds. Thanks to Achik for providing me with the phone number.

University of Leeds

We spent few hours here touring around the university. Firstly, at the Parkinson Step which according to Achik, it's a significant landmark of this university. There's two halal restaurants opposite this building as well. The university is quite beautiful. Most of the buildings were built from red bricks therefore there are so pretty. There's a Great Hall too.

We walked towards the back to the direction of Woodsley Road. My uncle used to stay at this street but we didn't know in which house he stayed. So we just walked along this road until we found Leeds Grand Mosque. 

After that, we took a cab back to the Coach Station and waited for our bus back to Manchester. The girls already waited for us there in Kak Miah's house.

Al-Jazeera Restaurant

Back in Manchester, we all had dinner together at our favourite restaurant in Rusholme which was Al-Jazeera! The food is affordable and the portion is extremely satisfying. =)

Our flight to Rome was on 7 am in the next morning. I guess we had to sleep and wake up early so that we could reach the airport on time.


just.HY said...

kalo nk pusing around UK better guna megabus ek?.

plan nk cover manchester, cardiff, london, birmingham boleh guna megabus gak ek? nk dpt tiket murah kene beli awal2? or better beli 1 day b4 berangkat?

Unknown said...

kalo bas, either megabus or national express.. kena bli awal berbulan2 baru dpt murah gile..

naik tren sgt pun lebih selesa, tp selalu lebih mahal.. check kat kadang2 ade yg murah..

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