Saturday, August 11, 2012

Magical Souvenirs from Harry Potter Studio Tour

Assalamualaikum and good day people!

As I am very lazy to write more travel posts, therefore this time I wanna write about what did I brought back from my tour in The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour. I spent more than £80 here (approximately RM400). Pengsannnnnn... hahaha..
Here are the photos of the mementos. Since I'm a big fan of HP, therefore I bought most of the things for myself.. Sorry friends~ XD

All of these cost £84.10

Harry Potter Brave Gryffindor/Red T-shirt - £17.95

Chocolate Frogs - £7.95 each

Opened chocolate frog with collectible card..

Gryffindor and Hogwarts Crest Rubber Magnets - £5.95 each

Slytherin Quidditch Banner Pin Badge & Ravenclaw Crest Pin Badge - £6.95 each

Gryffindor Crest Patch - £5.95

Postcards - £0.95 each

HP Guide Book - £9.95

No I didn't buy robes because I know I won't wear them. Plus, they are extremely extremely expensive. I think it cost around £90.

And I didn't buy wands either. That's because I already own 6 wands which I bought from Ebay. In the shop, each wand cost £29.90. However, I got them cheaper on Ebay. XD

I hope I can visit this place once more with my other friends as I still got lots of things to buy! 


"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good"

"Mischief managed"


cahaya wawa said...

i think if u beli robes, kompem dah jadi harrypotter trus.. siap tumbuh scar kat dahi lagi~~

Unknown said...

I Heli Potter la.. Lol

Jennie said...

Hi,I just read your articles and I plan to go to the studio in December.
May I ask you whether it worth buying the HP Guide Book or not?(what's inside?)cuz I'm considering buying the Complete Studio Tour Package(with Adult Ticket,
Souvenir Guidebook &Digital Guide)OR the normal adult ticket alone...

Please help me with this :S

Thank you very much!!


Unknown said...

Hi Jennie.

The guidebook contains a lot of photos of the studio itself along with some descriptions. It's cheaper if you purchased it online, so you can save a bit.

Personally, I think the book is really worth it. If you want a glimpse of the book, I can take some photos of the content and email it to you..


Jennie said...

Awww~You're so kind :D
Please please email some pictures to me :)

my email address is ->

Thank you so much :)


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