Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer in Manchester - Day 6

 Just a short post about my transit at Manchester before heading south to London.

We arrived at Manchester International Airport around 6.30 pm and I called a private hire cab to go to Rusholme. We stopped at Kak Miah's house to drop our luggages for a while. Then we borak2 with her. Rajin Kak Miah buatkan air, lepas ni nak melantak kat Al-Jazeera. Haha..
Manchester Airport - Terminal 3

Calon menantu pilihan.. Rajin la Kak Miah hidang air.. hehe

Al-Jazeera Restaurant

This restaurant is quite famous among Malaysian who lived in UK. This is because the food portion was huge and the price is reasonable and affordable for students who regularly come here to eat. For a plate of pilau rice and half chicken the price is only £4.70. For lamb with rice, the price is a bit expensive but it is served with a bowl of curry. The mint tea was great as well.

The food

The Eaters

Travelodge Ancoats, Manchester

Travelodge is a big chain of budget hotel dispersed around UK and Ireland. On weekdays, the cheapest that I can get is around £26.50 per room (either double or triple room). Travelodge Ancoats is located near the Shudehill Interchange which is a bus station. We're going to take our bus to London tomorrow there.

We're gonna sleep tight tonight and had enough sleep as the journey tomorrow took 5 hours.


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