Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer in Prague - Day 1

This was partially planned by me as the other part was arranged by CIT Travel which my parents already booked with them which includes accomodation and train tickets. The flight tickets and tour was planned by me and my parents. This trip covered not only Prague which is located in Czech Republic, but also with the addition of two countries which were Austria (Vienna) and Hungary (Budapest).

Our flight departed from Edinburgh, Scotland at 4.00 pm. We had a quick tour in Edinburgh before we went to the airport thus we had time to dropped by Hard Rock Cafe Edinburgh for one final time. On the same day, my final exam result was released and alhamdulillah my result was good which enabled me to graduate on time. We took a shuttle bus from Edinburgh Waverley Bridge to the airport.

We arrived at Prague (which is also known as Praha in local language) in the evening. The journey took approximately two and a half hour and this time we used Jet2 instead of the normal Ryanair or Easyjet.  There, the transport was provided by our travel agent and we were brought to our apartment which is located in Wenceslas Square. The apartment was quite comfortable and big! They provided us with 4 beds instead of 3. There's a kitchen, living room and laundry machine. The Wenceslas Apartment is located above Mark & Spencer. Wenceslas Square is a very strategic place to stay as there are loads of souvenir shops, restaurants and attractions located here. The Old Town Square and National Museum are located within walking distance. Actually, when travelling in Europe, most of the attractions are reachable by foot. Plus, they have a great transport system such as trams, subways, buses and trains.

Wenceslas Square

Since we arrived here in the evening, we didn't have much time left to explore the city, so we basically walked around the Wenceslas Square to buy some souvenirs. Prague is famous for its Bohemian crystals and they sells them at a cheaper price compared to other places. Well, I had no intention to buy crystals. I'm fine with fridge magnets, t-shirts, key chains and other small stuffs. Postcards are compulsory. Aside from the normal resin fridge magnets, they also sell the ones made from wood. This type of magnets are made from Prague, not from China. So, it's best to grab this kind of magnets.

Prague Opera House

We walked further and saw the Opera House. Since it was dusk, the building was covered with yellow lights. There's a tower besides the Opera House. There were a few tour bus booths here in case you want to board one tomorrow. I just grabbed one brochure from the booth to find more interesting places to be visited.

The Old Town & Astronomical Clock

One of the significant landmark in Prague is the Astronomical Clock which is located in the Old Town Square. A few historical buildings could be found here such as church and several towers. A lot of people seen wandering around here since there are many restaurants and bistros here. During my visit, there was some sort of festival because the square was placed with a stage and many small booths. Tourists took turn to take photo with the Astronomical Clock, so did I. Snap here and there before we proceed with our tour. By the way, it's already night time so we had to walked quickly. We didn't want to go back late at night.

According to Wanji, the new year celebration is frequently held here. New year means there will be a lot of fireworks and drunk people. Haha..

Hard Rock Cafe Prague

We bumped into HRC Prague without knowing it's exact location. Once we found it, we entered the Rock Shop and purchased some souvenirs. Since I already have HRC Prague t-shirt, this time I only interested in buying the pin badge. I chose the design which has the Astronomical Clock on it so that it would be more memorable.

We ended out night walk there and walked back to our apartment. Aside from the square, the streets were now quite empty and quiet thus making our walking pace quite fast. I might be unsafe to wander around late at night.

House of Music


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