Friday, July 6, 2012

Graduation - MPharm

29th June 2012

Alhamdullilah.. Praise to Allah for giving me opportunity to graduate here in Glasgow. I was awarded with Master of Pharmacy degree with merit. =)

Here are some photos during the graduation day that I would like to share with you guys.

Happy day! =)

Pre-graduation photo



PP3 deskmate

Bigger family


Cheers! =)

In front of Barony Hall
University of Strathclyde di hatiku..

Thanks to everyone who support me and my friends. Thanks for the doa. Thanks for everything!

We will graduate again in IMU in September. Come and join us!



Miss said...

Congrato!!!! ^^

Anonymous said... pharmacy student...taking bachelor of pharmacy in iium kuantan...will be grad by 2016...inshaALLAH...and i would like to do master in overseas like long it will take to complete the master?? do you think it easy for me to apply overseas?? and what degree cgpa i must achieve??

Unknown said...

salam.. i actually took MPharm degree which is still a degree.. not a master though.. :)

Anonymous said...

but you mention 'Master of Pharmacy'?? I though it is a Master....
p/s: don't understand....

Unknown said...

im taking Degree of Master of Pharmacy.. :)

Anonymous said...

is it same as Bachelor of Pharmacy??

Unknown said...

I don't think it's the same. BPharm is usually for locals while MPharm is for overseas. The subjects are quite different i guess.

Anonymous said...

ok,thanks for answering my questions...sorry,i'm asking you a lot..hehe...saya budak baru belajar ;) btw,i wish,hope and PRAY that one day,i can be like you...further my study at overseas (well,i hope i can go to UK) and travel around the world...that's my dream! keep updated your blog ok!
truly from your silent reader :)

Anonymous said...

Result kira based on final year je ke? or third year plus fourth year? ehhehe

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