Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Summer Trip Day 9 - Manchester

Yehuuuuu... Today was my last day travelling in England before I returned back to Glasgow..

Our main itinerary for today was to visit Old Trafford Stadium. Since we were already in Manchester, it was a must to see the stadium even though I'm not a football fan. I'm not a real fan of Manchester United either, but both of my brothers are.

But before we reached Piccadilly Garden to took the tram, I saw a toy shop, Forbidden Planet. There is one shop like this at Glasgow but this one is larger. Rambang mata tengok mainan ok! I purchased Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger figures from this shop. I already have Harry Potter and Voldemort figure at home, so these are for the addition and companion. =)

We reached Old Trafford by using tram which we boarded from Moseley Street near Piccadilly Garden. It costed £2.40 for a return journey. When we arrived at Old Trafford, it was raining lightly. We walked for 10 minutes before we saw the big stadium in front of us. Along the way, we could see cricket stadium, Kellog's building and Old Trafford Bar.

As usual, I took several shots around the stadium, especially with the red Manchester United sign board. Then some shots of the 3-legend statues before we went inside the souvenir shop. Since there was none of us who truly fancy Manchester United, we didn't plan to enter the museum & tour because it costs about £20. So, it's better if we spent that £20 for souvenirs and stuffs. =)

This shop is a heaven for Manchester United fans. They sells a wide variety of stuffs ranging from jerseys (red & blue), t-shirts, balls, keyrings, magnets, teddy bears, tattoo, marshmallows, caps, hoodies and many more. I bought several keyrings, pin badges, button badges and a magnet. And they cost more than £20! Hahaha...

After feeling satisfied with our purchase, we headed back to our hotel in the city. We had lunch at Subway. Since this franchise is halal, I tried the chicken teriyaki and italian apetahhh... Lupa nama dia... One for dine in, one for take away and to be eaten on the bus later on.

Our bus to Glasgow was at 5 pm. After checking out at 2 pm, we waited at the hotel lobby for about one hour before we walked to the bus station and waited for another 2 hours there. Our bus experienced a 20-minute delay but the journey was fine until we reached Glasgow safely.

Tamat sudah percutian selama 9 hari berturut.. Penulis berasa bangga dan puas dengan hasil tangkapan yang diperoleh. Di samping sumber kewangan juga sudah tinggal suam2 kuku sahaja..

We had a 3-day rest ad Glasgow before resuming our another great journey in Europe! =D


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