Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer Trip Day 6 - London

I think this post is going to be short because we really didn't do much today.

We arrived at London Stansted Airport in the midnight and waited there until we boarded our bus at 3 am.. We reached Baker Street at about 4.15 am and we went to London Central Mosque for Fajr prayer. It was raining that morning. We had to carry our bags from Baker Street to the mosque, then back to Baker Street to take tube there. The first train arrived at 7.00 am and we took the train to Whitechapel to Aufa's house again.

We had our breakfast together and repacked our bags because we were going to leave London at the evening. My parents' bus to Stansted was at 6 pm while our (me with my housemates) bus to Bristol was at 6.30pm today.

In order fill the remaining time, my parents and I headed to Oxford Street to do some last minute shopping. Wanji and Duwe had their own agenda, so we had a separate itinerary. We arrived at Oxford Street quite early and since today was Sunday, the shops opened a little bit later than usual. So basically we just walked along the street waiting for the shops to open. Oxford Street is indeed a shopping heaven for people who loves branded items. I spotted Uniqlo here and Rasa Sayang Cafe as well.

However, the souvenir shops opened earlier than any other shops and we spent our times there. We ended up buying more souvenirs although they were not particularly necessary. The last shop which we went was Clarks. My mom bought a handbag while my dad and I bought new pairs of shoes. Other shops found in this street are Topman, Topshop, H&M, Zara, Ben's Cookies, Sports Direct, Mango, Schuh, Next, Starbucks, Mark & Spencer, Carphone Warehouse and many more.

We met Wanji & Duwe at Malaysian Hall Cafe for lunch. This time, we were having nasi campur. I tried the asam pedas ikan patin and tofu. They were quite nice and yummy.

Back at Aufa's place, we finalised our packing and rested for a while. We left Whitechapel and bid goodbye to Aufa at 4.30 pm. Thanks for the help! Thanks for tumpangkan us! =)

We were heading to Victoria Coach Station for our next bus. The National Express bus to Stansted underwent a slight delay but it didn't affect a thing. After kissing goodbye with hugs and tears with my parents, we also departed from the station to Bristol.

It took approximately 2 hour and 30 minutes to reach Bristol by bus. It stopped at city centre and my friend, Azri Marican picked us there, walking. His flat is located very near to the bus stop. It was very cold and windy that night. We were shivering while waiting for Azri to come.

We had homemade burger for dinner. Masak sendiri kat rumah Azri.. hehehe...

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