Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Summer Trip Day 8 - Manchester

My friends and I arrived at Manchester Shudehill Interchange at around 2 pm and we directly went to find our hotel which was Travelodge Ancoats which is located at Great Ancoats Street. The location is not very far from the bus station, we took about 15 minutes to reach the hotel. The room fare was £30 per night which was quite cheap. We had booked the hotel roomweeks ago through online booking. The room is very spacious, I think it could fit 5-6 persons at one time *illegally of course!*..

After placing our luggage in the room and performed our prayers, we went out to find the information centre. We didn't really know what's so exciting about Manchester yet. We found the centre at Piccadilly Garden and I grabbed the chance to buy postcards, keyrings and magnets.

Since we were very hungry, we walked about the city to find a halal restaurant. We ended up eating at KFC in Manchester Arndale which is a shopping mall. It's true that KFC in Malaysia is the best! Nothing can compare to it. My lunch set included burger, a piece of chicken, fries and drinks for £4.99.

Outside the mall, there lies a giant ferris wheel. It's a Wheel of Manchester. After taking several shots of the wheel, we boarded it at £5.50 (student price) only. The wheel rotated about 15 minutes and it was quite worthy. Not too expensive like London Eye though it is smaller than London's.

Then we saw a Hard Rock Cafe from above. It's in the building near the wheel. Haaaa, what are we waiting for? We directly went into the cafe and I bought a red-coloured t-shirt at £16.95. Then two strangers approached us and conversed with us for a while before Wanji suspected something. Then, we bye-bye them and moved away from the place.

Our next stop was Manchester Town Hall. It is a huge building and the City Library is located nearby. We snapped some photos here and there before we headed to our dinner place by the help of Google map.

Dinner at Rice. It's similar to Wok to Walk in Glasgow. I tried the Mongolian Lamb with spring onions. It was too salty and I couldn't finished it. Hishhh, what a £7 waste.. Wanji's food was not good also while Duwe's tasted like Maggi curry. =(

ZZZZZZzzzzz... <-- back in our room to sleep...


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