Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer Trip Day 3 - Berlin

We reached Berlin Schonefeld Airport at about 8.30 am.. I know, it's quite early right? So we wanted to try our luck to make an early check-in at The Grand Hostel Berlin. We bought a one day pass for Zone ABC for about €6.80 with a help from a local guy. He explained to us how the buses and subway works. One ticket for everything, including trams. That's a saver!

When took the bus from airport to Rudow. Then, we took subway to Mockernbrucke. Mockernbrucke is the nearest station to our hostel, about 5 minutes walk. The hostel is located at Tempelhofer Ufer in front of a river. Since it was still early, we could check-in yet but we just filled the registration form and left our luggage in the storage room. One of the staff did a briefing about the city map, what to do and where to eat.

We had our lunch at Mustafa Gemuse. It's a kiosk which sell the most delicious kebab in Berlin. Even the hostel staff recommended it. And it's true. The queue was very long. The price is reasonable and the taste is gooooddddd. Chicken Kebab costs about €2.90 and Durum (chicken kebab wrapped in pita bread) €3.90. The kebab filling is very special.. Roasted chicken, fried potato slices, onions, mints, salads, cheese and a touch of lemon juice.
Next destination, shopping! Wahhh, awal2 lagi dah pergi shopping! We headed to a shopping area at Kurfurstendamm by using subway. It's a shopping street filled with branded shops such as Zara, Topman, Cotton On and many more. One of our target is Hard Rock Cafe Berlin which is also located at the street. We all bought something from The Rock Shop, t-shirts as usual. One Hard Rock t-shirt costs about €25.90. I used my all-access card and get €16 discount off the total bill. Apart from branded fashion shop, there lies many souvenir shops as well. As usual, we bought fridge magnets and keyrings as souvenirs. Please note that the souvenirs in Berlin are all quite pricey.. Fridge magnet could cost €3.95 - 6.95. Keyrings from €2.70 - 6.75. Snowglobes from €5-7. Thus, I didn't bring back many souvenir like I supposed to do normally. =(

We stopped at Haagen Dasz for ice cream. One scoop €2.50. We sat there for a while outside the shop when the rain suddenly fell down. I had tiramisu ice cream and it was yummy. Because we were trapped in rain, we basically just sat there, relax while enjoying every spoon of our ice cream. =)

When the rain stopped, we headed back to our hostel to rest because we didn't sleep well last night. We had booked a room of 5 to accommodate all of us. The room was neat, tidy and spacious. However, the toilet and bathroom is not ensuited so we had to go out from our room to use them. After cleaning and refreshing ourselves up, we slept until night time and woke up to pray and eat breads, then back to sleep again.

Tomorrow gonna be a long day..
[to be continued]


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