Thursday, September 22, 2011

Summer Trip Day 5 - Berlin

For today, our plan was very simple and relaxing. First thing in the morning, we went to the metro station and accidentally found a Postbank nearby (post office). So we dropped by there for a while to send off the postcards. Each international postcard cost 75 cent.

After that, we headed to Warschauer Straβe by taking metro. Berlin Wall is located walking distance from this station. A long time ago, Berlin was separated into two parts. East and West Germany had a real bad situation and were separated by these walls. People from the two sides could not communicate with each others or else they would be killed by the rulers. Pathetic and cruel they were. However, nowadays Berlin Wall had become one of the major tourist attractions in Berlin where they were painted and decorated with drawings and paintings. Each wall has different designs and motives. And they are very longgggg... We went inside a souvenir shop to get our passports stamped for 2 (for 4 stamps). My mom bought a Berlin map booklet here.

There was one souvenir coin machine at the wall. It worked by entering 2 cent coin (as the souvenir coin) and €1 for the cost. Then we rotated the handle and the 2 cent coin changed appearance with design of Berlin attraction. It became oval and thinner. Then we walked along the riverside and snapped several shots here. The view was nice...

We had lunch at Bistro Istanbul. As usual they serve kebab and other Turkish dishes. The workers were nice and helpful. We asked them where the nearest mosque is. He explained it very detail and told us which metro should we take to reach there. We also learned that mosque is called camii in Turkish.

After finishing our meal, we headed directly to the mosque. The metro stopped at Boddinstraβe and we walked along Flughafenstraβe for about 20 minutes before we saw the beautiful Turkish design mosque. The name of the mosque is Berlin Turk Sehitlik Camii. There are cafe and souvenir shop in the mosque area. The interior of the mosque is very stunningly beautiful. We performed our prayer here and rest for a bit before continuing our journey.

Next agenda.. Shopping! Since today was our last day at Berlin, we spent our last moment here buying souvenirs and stuffs for ourselves. We stopped at Wittenbergplatz station and headed to the most prestigious shopping mall, KaDeWe. Our eyes were opened widely in shock because most of the things here are indeed prestigious and expensive! But we did bought a bag at Long Champ.

We walked along the Kurfurstendamm street again and saw a Lego shop. So we entered it because it was quite nice and attractive. There is a large Toy Story's Woody figure made from Lego pieces. Aside from that, there is a Brandenburger Tor figure as well. Quite impressive! I bought a couple of Lego Harry Potter fridge magnets. Next, we shopped at yesterday's souvenir shop because the t-shirts sold here were kinda trendy and high quality despite the expensive price.

Before we returned back to our hostel, we saw a postcard maker machine near the metro station. So, we made a postcards with our photo for €3 each but we got discount for purchasing 3 pieces. We grabbed our luggage from the hostel and went to airport to catch our flight to London.

So, that's my story about Berlin. I'll continue writing about other places that I visited soon. I spent 12 days of my summer travelling and this post is my 5th post.. So I got about 7 more posts... Matilaaaaaaa kena tulis banyak2.. But it's okay, because I know there are people waiting to read my next blog post.. Hihihi...


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