Monday, September 26, 2011

Summer Trip Day 7 - Bristol & Bath

We boarded the train to Bath at 9.00 am from Bristol Temple Mead which was just a 15-minute walk from Azri's place. The journey was quite short, it only took 15 minutes to reach Bath. The Bath Spa train station is located just beside the river.

Once we got off the train, we went to Bath Abbey and The Roman Baths by walking through a few blocks of shopping area (Southgate). The entrance fee to the Roman Baths is £10 but if you want to visit Fashion Museum as well, the saver rate is £13 for both places. There is an information centre near the Bath Abbey just in case you need to get information about the places around here.

The Roman Baths is basically a building with a lot of ponds and statues. There is a museum inside it and also a souvenir shop. We bought some souvenirs such as fridge magnet, Roman coin keyrings, Roman Military figure and postcards.

After finishing our tour at The Roman Baths, we walked to Fashion Museum which is quite far from our location. We took about 20 minutes to find the museum which is located inside the Assembly Hall. I found that the Fashion Museum was quite boring, it focused more on female fashion. There is a lot of human figure with beautiful attires inside this museum. You could try the corset here as well. Wanji said that it was quite heavy and challenging to wear. Aside from that, a collection of shoes, head garments and handbags were also exhibited here.

We had our lunch at Subway with tuna mayonnaise sandwich. After the quick bite we headed to our next stop which was Victoria Park. The park itself is very huge and there a few row of ripe apple trees here. Many red apples were lying on the grass. We stopped for a while for toilet break then resumed our walking to the end of the park. There is a long semi circle shaped house near this area. It was nice and stunning. Like usual, there are few monuments here.

Then, we took a long walk to River Avon to see the historical Pulteney Bridge. The river is nice with the stair-like oval shape flow and there were a lot of birds, ducks and swans here. The bridge is located near to the Bath Market so before we returned to Bristol, we had a quick tour inside the market. The market was surprisingly clean and tidy, not like market in Malaysia. I bought a drink to relieve my thirst. Wanji bought a shawl here too.

We took the next train to Bristol at about 4 pm and reached Azri's house before he came back from class. He brought us out for sightseeing around Bristol City Centre.

The Bristol tour story will be written in the next post.



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