Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Summer Trip Day 1 - Paris

This was my second trip outside Glasgow after we went back from Berlin about three days before. The trip was also joined by the girls, Fariz and Fairuz and we would be meeting Anis & Cipak at Paris.

We took the train (Scotrail) from Glasgow Central Station to Prestwick International Airport. It costs £3.35 one way if we show our flight boarding passes at the ticketing counter. After 45 minutes of journey, we reached the airport and performed jama' prayer at the prayer room at level one. Then, we queued up at the luggage drop counter for visa/passport check.

Our flight to Paris was Ryanair. We got the tickets at a price of
£30 (return) during the sale few months ago. The flight left Prestwick at 4 pm and reached Paris Beauvais Airport at 6.30 pm (the journey took 1 hour 30 minutes). The time difference is only one hour.

The Beauvais Airport is quite small, smaller than LCCT in Malaysia. Outside the airport, we purchased bus tickets to Paris for
€15. It was quite pricey though. The bus stopped at Porte Maillot after 1 hour and 15 minutes and then we continued our journey to Bir Hakeim by using metro. Only Fariz followed me while Wanji, Duwe and Fairuz had a different itinerary. Fariz and I reached the Eiffel Tower foot just a few minutes before 9.30 pm. Our tickets to Eiffel Tower was for 9.30 pm. Luckily we made it in time and Anis & Cipak already there waiting for us. Tickets to Eiffel Tower cost €11.80 (up untill the summit) and we booked it online in order to avoid long queue. The the queue was very very very long if you want to buy it on the spot.

After passing the security scanner, we waited for the elevator to bring us up to the second floor. Then we switched elevator to reach the summit. The weather was extremely cold and windy. Menggerbang2 rambut I tau. We were lucky that night because we managed to watch a man proposed for his girlfriend. So shweeetttt~

The view from the top floor was very stunning, with buildings, boats and bridges were all blinking with lights. The scenery was very romantic. However, I didn't like the condition above because it was too crowded with people. We had to gave ways before we could took some photos because people kept on passing through our standing location. Benci! Then there were overhead signboards with flags on it indicating which countries are located at that directions along with the distance from the tower.

Back on the second floor, we continued photographing for some more times. Then the Eiffel Tower suddenly blinking like a disco light. The view from below must be very exciting! We went down the tower quite late, maybe around 11.30 pm. After snapping several photos with Eiffel Tower, we dropped by a souvenir shop on the way back to the metro station. I bought a few magnets, keyrings and also a snowglobe. Not to forget, there were a lot of people selling Eiffel Tower souvenirs at a cheap price wandering around the tower area. You might get 5 keyrings for €1.

We took the metro to Porte de St Ouen where our hotel is located. Outside the station, we dropped by a Turkish restaurant to buy our dinner. I bought sandwich de agneau which is basically a lamb sandwich (kebab) for
€5. We stayed at Hotel Formule 1 at Porte de Montmartre and the fare was €25 for 2 nights. This price could be considered cheap because the hotel room was very clean and tidy. The only thing which I didn't like was the sharing of toilets. It's not ensuited within the room. Wanji, Duwe & Fairuz were already checked-in the rooms so they gave us the passwords.

After finishing my meal, we retired to bed preparing ourselves for tomorrow's activity.


MarY_z said...

reading review from student's point of view is certainly worth it :)

Unknown said...

tenkiuuu... =)

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